Friday, 13 September 2013

C is For...... (A-Z Nail Challenge)

C is for......
China Glaze!

China Glaze is such a well known brand and is available in so many places!  They have massive wide range of types of polishes - glitter, colours, holos, duo chromes, base coats, top name it chances are they have one!

The one i used today, has been in my little stash as i loved the colour and as soon as i thought of using CG today, it was the first colour to spring to mind.
Its the gorgeous "Stella". This was released in 2009 as part of the Retro Diva collection and is STILL available, just showing how loved and popular this polish is!

The link in the picture takes you to Nail Polish Direct where it is currently on sale for £5.95 (free delivery over £10 here, which is so easy to do!), but always look around, as somewhere might sell it cheaper!.
Stella is a gorgeous purple pink micro shimmer and it is just beautiful on its own.  To try and stay with CG i used CG base coat and the top coat was CG Patent Leather Top coat.  It took just 2 medium coats to get full coverage.  All i did was bring the brush out the bottle, and dab the brush on either side of the bottle and then used it - it wasn't too runny or thick, didn't dry too quick, and if you use medium coats it wont snag any polish already put on the nail.

BUT you know me..i have to have a fiddle and although its not a CG i thought it would look nice on the top and i think it does!

i used Dollish Polish "Aurora Borealis" - a polish best used on top of another colour with blue and purple shimmer....gorgeous!

So both together.....

It still shows the Stella, but adds just a little bit of a gorgeous shimmer on the top! I love this combination -without direct light you see more of the Stella colour, but hold your nails towards direct light and the gorgeous shimmer of the Dollish Polish breaks through and looks so pretty!

Sooooo i cheated a bit with the top coat, but everything else was China Glaze!!!

D - i have several D's in my collection, its just a matter of picking one!!

Happy Polishing!!


  1. Ooh the Dollish Polish goes perfectly! Lovely combination :)

    Jess xo

  2. I really like this combination it is a subtle but nice change to an already fabulous color (:

  3. Great combo. Im getting into my darker shades now that the weather is getting cold here in Ontario and that purple is beautiful:)

    Sara xx


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