Friday, 13 September 2013

BEAUTY BOX REVIEW: Glam Guru Summer Box (box 4)

This is the second Glam Guru box i decided to try.  This is from Israel, and it took mere days for it to get here from the day you ordered.

The last one i had had a real sleek black box that impressed me from word go, but this box was wrapped in green tissue paper and had a plastic make up bag/wash bag which i guess can come in handy in the future, rather than a box! Six items nestled in this box:

Sadly no information about the items, so a-googling i have had to go!

Jasmine natural Care Amber Perfume Oil Extract 30ml
"A soft and velvety signature scent for everybody, for every moment, forever sensual. Perfume oil extract is the strongest and longest lasting form of fragrance. Alcohol-free, it is ideal for use on skin sensitive to alcohol-based fragrances.
Dab onto the neck and pulse points, as often as required."

RRP 30ml  99 Shequels (equivalent to £17.64)

San Francisco Lavender Moisturising Hand Cream 42ml

Cannot find any info at the San Francisco's webpage about hand cream

Rosemary & Mint Moisturising Body Bar (AKA Soap!) 56g

 "The mild, rich creamy lather gently cleanses and moisturizes your skin while the refreshing Natural Rosemary Mint fragrance awakens your senses. (85% Certified Organic Ingredients) 5.3 OZ (150g)"

SenScience Smooth Shampoo For Frizzy Hair 50ml
"Senscience Smooth Shampoo is enriched with Soybean Extract, Silicone and Guar Gum which work from the 
inside out and outside in, bonding to the structure of your hair to strengthen and add protection. Leaving hair silky smooth, superbly manageable and brilliant."
Smooth Shampoo cleanses, calms and softens frizzy unruly hair.
RRP (for 300ml) £10.95

OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil  (tan) (full size)

"Water resistant pencil suitable for the most sensitive eye area. It is the perfect solution for your eyebrows and is called Universal Eyebrow Pencil for a reason as it is one color to suit all skin tones. It is soft enough and will make it easy for you to create a perfect shape."
RRP (Full size) -£10 USD

Emerald Bay Dark Tanning Lotion "Beaches & Cream" 15ml

Non-Tingle Bronzing Dark Tanning Lotion.
Helps achieve deeper, darker tanning results.
Hydrates, soothes and helps prolong the tan.
Delivers additional colour with double shot bronzers.
Contains Vanilla Yoghurt, Mango Butter and Agave Nectar.
Provides skin with essential nutrients and moisturisation.
Does not clog pores.
Vanilla Cupcake fragrance
RRP for 15ml Sachet £1.99

As boxes go, I'm quite happy with this one. Ill use the perfume, the shampoo, the hand cream and the eye pencil for sure.  Doubtful on the soap ( dries my skin), definitely not the tanning lotion as fake tan just does not go well on my skin!

But in comparison to alot of UK boxes, i think this one holds up really well.  I have read that there HAVE been some good monthly boxes this month, but i haven't got any to report on. I did see some, but not really for me.

If you fancy a Glam Guru Box #4 just go to their website to order. I think it was £19 including delivery to the UK, which like i said was mere days after i paid!

The home page is here -

and links for the above box are in the post!

I'm dubious about beauty boxes, but have you had one recently that you'd totally recommend to me?


  1. This looks pretty good, the shampoo and the hand cream both sound lovely! :)

    Jess xo

  2. You should give that soap a try, it's organic so you might find it doesn't actually dry out your skin like regular soaps.

  3. I love the Glam Guru box and am on my second month as well. They're the best international box of all! Can't wait for my Holiday edition bag to arrive.
    My Beauty Junction

  4. I'm not really a glam box kind of girl but the products that you received sound really nice (:


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