Saturday, 7 September 2013

B is For.......(A-Z Nail Challenge)

B is for.........
Bad Apple

Not a hugely well known brand (well, at least i think in the UK) but a couple of months ago one of the online discount groups did a 3 for £9.99 on Bad Apple polishes and after googling them, i decided to get them, and this is the first time I've tried them!  Their normal RRP is £9.95 each if you go direct with Bad Apple Cosmetics and theres actually alot to choose from!

The two i have today are based on the colours of 1970's cars -3D Arlington and 3D Red Cape.

Both polishes are an amazing unique colour in the bottle and on the nail.
As a polish, the best way to put this on was with thick coats.  I tried with thin coats, but it dried too quickly and caught on the brush when going over with the brush making it a bit of a mess, so thick coats are definitely best. It only took 2 coats for full coverage.
Base coat used was Nails Inc Hyde Park and top coat was Gelous

This one is the 3d Arlington:

And 3D Red Cape:

They both have a chrome/metallic feel and look and very glossy even without the Gelous top coat.
These are part of a limited edition set, that are still available to buy direct from Bad Apple at £29.85 for the 3.  I'm actually pretty pleased with the bargain i got with the discount company, they're unusual and the only Bad Apples i have.  Whether they stay in my collection though....mmmm..i haven't decided, but i DO like these two!

Now....B is done.....thinking cap on for C.......?


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