Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A is for.... (A-Z Nail challenge)

A is for......

What else could it have been!
I have several A Englands in my collection, and not tried them (shame on me!).
So I'd been eyeing up the "Tristam" and the "Morgan Le Fay" (Both an RRP of £9 direct from the A England Site) so i decided to use both of them....

Tristam is described as a "night blue sky with starlight glimmer and glow".
Morgan Le Fay is a "luminescent white silver"
Both actually pretty accurate deceptions.  Tristam has some tiny holo glitter running through it that i know would look great with some sun shining on it (if it was sunny outside i would have shown you, but, yup, as its good ole England, theres none to be found, but as soon as it happens ill be sure to try and snap some shots!)

As a polish is was very easy to work with. Glides right on with just 2 medium thick coats for full coverage on your nails.  I added 3 coats of Morgan Le Fay on my ring finger as i wanted it to be a little more lighter than the Tristam blue.  As the blue is quite dark, it needed this extra couple of coats to make it stand out more.
Base coat used was Nails Inc Hyde Park, and a good coating of Gelous as a top coat to add some extra smoothness and gloss.

i put the Morgan Le Fay over the Tristam so it wouldn't be just a pure silver - it has the blue base to give it an almost metallic light blue in contrast the denim blue of the Tristam.

Loved this combination, i see i managed the first letter of the A-Z challenge, i just hope the rest can be as easy to find and choose!!

Now...B...B.....what to do with B........................................


  1. I've never tried A England, they used to (or still do, who knows) make a really lovely sparkly moss green colour I always wanted but could never find out how to buy any </3

  2. I always like to read the nail posts since I don't paint my fingernails. Love Morgan Le Fay and the name makes me think of Merlin. Fun!


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