Thursday, 15 August 2013

What I'm Reading: "Ever After" (The Hollows #11) by Kim Harrison

I have been impatiently waiting for the next book in this series. It is one of my total favourites!

if you love paranormal, and you haven't yet read this series - GET TO IT!!
Seriously it is so worth reading and the story stays so fresh book after book, and its just a brilliant read.
The series can be called "The Hollows" or "Rachel Morgan" and are written by the brilliant Kim Harrison.

I don't want to go into too much background, but basically this series follows a witch called Rachel, a Vamp called Ivy and a pixie called Jenks.  They leave the IS Bureau (the paranormal version of the FBI) to strike out on their own.
The characters and story lines are just so brilliant.  Well written and just a joy to read.

This books blurb is as follows:

"Witch-turned-daywalking-demon Rachel Morgan needs to save the demonic realm of the Ever Afterin the eleventh entry in the New York Timesbestselling Hollows series from supernatural adventure master Kim Harrison. 

When Rachel sets off a chain of events that could lead to the end of the world - demonic and human - she must use her gifts to save those closest to her while preventing an apocalypse. 

Satisfying and sexy, a visit to the Hollows will take readers on a wild journey that will capture their imagination. Fans of Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer won't be able to resist Kim Harrison's alternative universe - urban fantasy Cincinnati complete with vampires, witches, and other enchanting creatures - where spine-tingling adventures and fast-paced action are the norm."

Genre: Urban Fantasy

There is a link in the picture for this book so you can have a nosey and in the name of the series is the entire collection courtesy of "Fantastic Fiction" website.  Seriously, a great read and I'm already munching my way happily through this one, so the review shouldn't be too far away!!

Happy Reading guys!!

28th August 2013


I so love this series, and this book does not disappoint.

So many ups and downs in this book, some shocks and some things you just urge to happen!

The main story of this one is because of the ley line Rachel ripped through in the last book. Ku'Sox (a psychotic demon) is doing is damnedest to get rid of Rachel, and shes racing against time to prove that it wasn't her that made the ley line so bad, and that Ku Sox was framing her.
The combined workings of day walking demon, demon and elf is so brilliant to see, and its strange, that you no longer think of Al as this big bad demon - this book shows another side to him, and how Rachel does care for the ones she didn't think she could!

Ivy isn't in this one too much, but i have a feeling the small hint of a story that started may be explored more in the next book.

Brilliant continuation of a great series. If you're a fan, this wont let you down!


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