Sunday, 25 August 2013

Soundtrack to My Life

Music is the background to everything isn't it? Its always there. There's types of music that you know when about you were and what you were doing....then theres the specific songs that when you hear now, takes you right back to where you were at that precise moment, who you were with and what you were doing.

So, I'm just gonna think back in my life and add the videos as i go along...if theres no video ill just name that tune (omg, how old do i feel - you must too if you know what i mean!!)

So, OK...

This was the first song i remember sitting on the stairs in my house as a young girl, singing along to.

"Sister Sledge" Frankie

The first album i bought by myself on cassette!

Brother Beyond cos i loved this song "Harder I Try":

My first boy band crush - i was 9 and of course it was Bros!! "I owe you Nothing" and yes it was the lead singer i crushed on!

Music kind of disappeared from thoughts till i was 13years old and moved to a different school, which i hated but it had like a common room with a jukebox and i always wanted this one on: Faith No More "Easy Like Sunday Morning"

Then i hit the clubs when i was 15 and this was the one main song that was my "just growing up" song...!!
Baby D "Let Me Be Your Fantasy"

Then Indie music hit the scene and i was a HUGE fan of Oasis.  Bonehead actually used to come into the shop i worked in and i got a personal signed piccie with my name on it (still a prized possession!!)
I saw them several times, but the best was Maine Road in 1995, it was the best concert I've ever been to - such a rush!
So it had to be "wonderwall" - the epitome of Oasis

The next song reminds me of my first love.  It didn't work out, and it use to hurt to hear this, but no longer.

Its Savage Garden "Truly, Madly, Deeply"

I cant listen to Coldplay's first album without thinking of a car trip the first love and i went to to Southern Ireland.

Coldplay and "yellow"

OK, this is where it might get a little strange!
When i got with my last Ex i was 22.  I'm now 34 and we split up 3 years ago.  Through that whole time, there was not one song i can associate with him (which is kinda good cos i really don't want to remember him!!).
Actually i lie..theres a couple from when i split up from him that makes me smile:

Both Kelly Clarkson...first "Walk Away"

And "Never Again"

(Trust me, very apt after the disaster that it was!!)

But then my mum came back into my life just when we both needed each other, and we have a few songs in the 3 years we've been back together.

Sadly, i missed my nan passing and i loved her with all my heart and was sorry and sad to have missed it.  But mum told me about her love for Take That and especially a soft spot for Robbie Williams.  When the funeral came, there was only one song that needed to be played, and it still makes me think of her, and get a huge lump in my throat thinking i missed saying goodbye....

Robbie Williams "Angels"

This is both of our songs - mum had just lost nan (her mum) and id been on my own for pretty much the first time in my life, and this is so very apt for both of us

Kelly Clarkson "Stronger"

And this reminds us both of when we were just about to go to Cuba and just discovered who it was that sang it, and we both loved it and always sing along to it!!

Passenger - "Let Her Go"

And we both LOVE Pink - plan to go to see her the next time shes in concert in the UK or Southern Ireland.  This is the one that we both (again) sing along to!!

Pink- "Blow Me"

I'm sure there's probably a ton more that i could think of, but these are the ones that stand right out and make me remember, smile and think.

How about your guys? Do you have a soundtrack to your life? Leave a link if you do, id love to read/see it!


  1. I love this post, such a great idea! I'm currently listening to Baby D on repeat in my car every day :D xxx

    1. Hi Michelle!
      Thank you for stopping by!
      This idea has been in my head for ages and just decided to do it! I know ive forgot some which may mean theyre not that important or that im a memory like a sieve and may have to come back to edit and add!!
      Id love to see yours when/if you do one, so please come back and leave a link!
      Id love to see anyones come to that!!
      Would have loved to start like a tag game with this, but i didnt want to push people into doing something they didnt want to!!

  2. LOVE LOVE THIS! so good! x

    Natalie Off Duty

  3. What a great idea, love this :)

  4. cool post! my fave is the kelly clarkson song "stronger"! i'm a new follower, saw your blog in the fb group magnificent marvellous manis, hope you will follow me back! : )


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