Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Possible Dupe for the Gorgeous Toxic Avenger?

Better explain what the Toxic Avenger is really for those who aren't aware of it!

The Toxic Avenger is an extremely coveted polish from the popular Dollish Polish brand. Dolly had to stop making this gorgeous polish due to the ingredients for it having been stopped being produced.... BUT! Dolly does say she's always looking for the same ingredients and if she does find them it will return! But (yup another but), until then if (like me) you can't get your hands on it anywhere (but if you do your looking at least a staggering £50 for just the one), you have to try and find some way to dupe it.

I found this dupe, purely by a friend suggesting it.  The Toxic Avenger pictured belongs to her and I'm totally jealous! But saying that, shes actually pretty much on the mark with the dupe she recommended me to try!  Not exactly the same, but very similar.

So, the Toxic Avenger looks like this:

Picture Courtesy of Louise
Its an amazing holo that shifts colour in any movement at all.  Is it any wonder that this is possibly the ultimate holo polish craved by so many!

so when Louise got her very special bottle f Toxic Avenger (going absolutely nowhere, EVER!!) she recommended this combination to me.  Use Orly "Space Cadet" as the base colour and then use a Spectraflair top coat, and in this occasion i used the amazing Cameo Colours "Spectacular, Spectacular" looks pretty amazing!


You can see the colour of the Orly a deep red with an obvious colour shift with gold and a slight greenish tint. This is two coats, over a base coat of Leighton Denny Brilliance Shield.  It went on with quite thick coats the best as i did thin coats and it dried quite quickly so snagged the polish already on, so that's how i worked out the best way to put it on! I think its due to the thick coats that it only needed two of them:

I have to admit that I'm not keen on the Orly on its own, but when i added the "Spectacular, Spectacular" it changed it completely and i loved it!
Not sure if its exactly the same as the Toxic Avenger, but then i don't think its possible to get it EXACTLY like it whatever you try, but i am impressed with this!

This is how the "Spectacular, Spectacular" looks on its own, so you can see the difference using Orly underneath makes:

What do you think? A pretty good dupe?
Have you found anything that can resemble the holy Grail that is The Toxic Avenger!!
Please let me know, as i will try anything you guys think might work!!
In the meantime, Happy Polishing, as always!


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