Saturday, 17 August 2013

NOTD: OPI "Tiffany Case"


This is of course the beautiful OPI Liquid Sand, "Tiffany Case" from the Bond Girls 50th Anniversary collection.
I did have the mini set and this one wasn't in it - i was gutted as i knew id love it, so took the dive and bought the big size.  Check around for prices as they can vary from £6.99 to a higher price of £11.50 in other stores, so always worth looking!

This polish was a dream!  The actual brush helped alot:

It was flat and thick which made it cover nearly all the nail in one sweep.  There were the little edges you had to go over and i only made a couple of slip ups but  that was probably me and my cack handedness!!
The polish itself, despite being a textured polish went on as smooth as anything!  I was really happy and impressed with it!  Two medium thick coats and the polish was done! Excellent!

Base coat is Opi Natural Base Coat used here:

How cool do they look with just two coats! I LOVE this polish, i don't think i can say that enough!!

I was wondering whether to put a top coat on as the actual polish says not to. What do you think?

Not a great deal of difference, but i think the top coat gives just that little bit extra shimmer and of course protection, so i did them all with a top coat!
Oh, the top coat used was my favourite Gelous!

Lush, huh?
Kinda reminds me of a lighter "Absolutely Alice" that's a nightmare to find nowadays.  A beautiful blue with oodles of different glitter colours that catch the light brilliantly!

You know when you see a polish and you just KNOW you'll love
it- this was mine!!  I did try the others and i liked Pussy Galore and Solitaire in the mini set, but this blue always called to me (mainly cos its one of my fave colours i think!!)

Staying? ooh yeah!! ;)


  1. Love glittery nails, that's a really nice blue too :)

    Loti from


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