Wednesday, 21 August 2013

NOTD: OPI "Alcatraz....Rocks"

OPI is really taking their Liquid Sand range to the next level.  Each collection they seem to release has at least one liquid sand included!

The one i tried today (actually 2 days ago and its still going strong!) was the "Alcatraz...Rocks" from the new San Fransisco range.  This is quite a big collection as you can see here:

There are 3 Liquid Sands in this Autumn Collection - "Alcatraz...Rocks", "Wharf! Wharf! Wharf"! and "It's All San Andera's Fault".  A gorgeous Autumn collection.

As with most polishes, id strongly recommend looking around at prices. I got mine from Nail Polish Direct for £6.99. But if you spend over £10 its free delivery (and trust me its easy to find something for £3.01!).  Some other places are asking up to £11.50, so you can see a big difference! Always shop around!!

This one is described simply as "a stunning glittery blue shade", which i guess it is!  But its much more than that. Yes its glittery, but the variety of glitter in it is jaw dropping, especially in certain lights and in the sun. Yes its also blue, but again, depending on the light and any sun - this can vary from a deep navy blue to a more paler ocean type blue.  Its a textured polish, but it looks amazing! I know it says to not use a top coat, but i did, and i think it adds a bit more glossiness to it and helps the minute glitter pieces shine through a little bit more.

Base coat here of OPI Natural base Coat, and like most Liquid Sands it took just 2 coat to get full coverage:

And like i said i used a Gelous top coat.  Not only to add a bit of glossiness but to also add that little bit extra protection....not sure if it needed it though, this is a strong sturdy polish, that doesn't want to budge (yay!)

This is probably more of a weekend/night time kind of polish. The dark and the hint of sparkly fun might be a bit much for a day at the office, but that's not to say it shouldn't be done - i guess it depends upon the office rules!!

Another Liquid Sand that i love.  These new textured polishes are a bit like Marmite - you either love it or you hate it - there no real in between. Me? Love 'em!  Just as with any type of polish, theres going to be colours that you're not as keen on as the rest (for me that has to be Vesper, seemed very still and not much pizazz as the rest!), but you cant love all of the products all of the time...!

Yup, staying!!

Happy polishing guys!


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