Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mascara Challenge #4 Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes

And on to number 4 in my little challenge!

I have to admit, I've been a little disappointed so far, so I'm hoping the next few will be a little better!

I've been wanting to try this one for ages, saw it on a blog sale for £2 and thought perfect!  This has an RRP of £15 normally, so you can see why i snapped it up!

So, this is what the picture on the Jelly Pong Pong looks like:

And this is what my tube looks like:

As you can see the brush is very similar to the picture from the website.

The description they put of it is this:
"Our first ever mascara is formulated to make eye lashes flutter & flap. Water-resistant, Fairy Lashes makes eyelashes thicker & curvier while allowing them to be spectacularly soft & light. A truly fabulous effect for the woman who wants to emphasise one deep, intense, seductive look."

It went on really well, i was quite impressed. No clogging, and very smooth and did make my lashes look longer...

With no mascara on:

The issue came as the day went on....it disappeared..literally. Only a little smudging, but the mascara just wasn't there.  And as it was hardly there, it took hardly anything or any time to remove what was left....where the heck did it go!??

It looked so good when i put it on, but just four hours later....well, you can see, its just gone! :(  Very slight smudging underneath, but other than that..Poof! Gone!  I'm actually really puzzled by it.
How can a mascara that went on so well, and looked actually really good and lengthened the lashes well, just...vanish?

Onto the 8 points:
1) Cost -£15
2) ease of application - Very easy
3) volumises lashes - At first, very much so
4) Smudgeproof - mostly, yeah, a little tiny bit but nothing major
5) Any clogging -It was totally clog free
6) Hardiness (how long it lasts for) and if it looks just as good as when i put it on - not very long, and looks like no mascara had been put on at all by the end of the 4 hours.
7) How easy to get off at the end of the day? - Very easy due to the fact there was hardly any left, a few light wipes of a face wipe
8) Marks out of 10 for all of the above - as awful as it was this can only get 3/10 for the ease of application, the initial lengthening and look good - i wish it had lasted longer.

I'm so hoping for a good mascara soon!! I Have a good lot to try so there must be ONE that's good....right...?!

You have to keep in mind, that this may have happened to me, but it might not necessarily happen to you and your lashes.  This challenge is to find the right mascara for me and to let you know my findings along the way!
Whats good for one gal, may not be for another!! 

On to the next i guess...!
Are there any that you guys would recommend to try?


  1. I despise JPP and all their products, they're all cheap and nasty with a pimped out price tag..no thanks!


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