Thursday, 22 August 2013

Mascara Challenge #3: MUA Mega Volume Mascara

The third mascara in my trial was a more budget priced one from MUA - this was the Mega Volume Mascara, which is still available to buy direct from MUA for a low price of £3.

But does the price make a difference here?
I'm afraid to say that on this occasion, yes sadly it does.

On the plus side, the brush was a good size made of rubber which helped the mascara spread evenly along the lashes.  It went on extremely well.

Sadly, it didn't seem to make much of a difference despite it being called "Mega Volume".  It coated the lashes, but little to none enhancement.  Take a look...

So first as always, my eye with no mascara on:

And then what it was like as soon as i put it on, and then again 4 hours later:

You can see 4hours later, its almost like there was never any mascara on, and if you look under my eye, there is alot of smudging.

MUA is a good value brand normally, so I'm pretty disappointed with this mascara.  Again, though, it might be just its effect on me, and it might suit others, but sadly not for me.

Onto the 8 points:
1) Cost -£3
2) ease of application - Very easy
3) volumises lashes - No, unfortunately not
4) Smudgeproof - definitely not
5) Any clogging -actually it was clog free
6) Hardiness (how long it lasts for) and if it looks just as good as when i put it on - not very long, and looks like no mascara had been put on at all.
7) How easy to get off at the end of the day? - Very easy, a few wipes of a face wipe
8) Marks out of 10 for all of the above - as awful as it was this can only get 1/10 for the ease of application

Have you tried this one? Was it any good for you?
This is only my third mascara in and its the least marked out of them, so i guess the next one can only be better (touch wood!).


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    1. I know, i feel bad for it being so bad cos i like alot of MUA's stuff, but i guess when it smudges so easily and fades away during the day, its not a good un :(
      Thanks for stopping by as always hun! :)


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