Sunday, 18 August 2013

Mascara Challenge #2 Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen

And on with my mascara challenge!
Today's is Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen".

Bare Minerals describe this mascara as:
"The sleek wand works like a 360 degree fine-toothed comb to separate and lift each lash and features a tapered tip designed specifically for coating hard-to-reach corner lashes.
Wink, blink, and bat your eyes. With Flawless Definition® Mascara, you'll enjoy every lash. The tapered wand lengthens, darkens and gives a lifted look, separating each individual lash for precision definition."

Before i do the 8 points, just a few generalisations about the mascara.
Upon pulling the brush out of the tube, the bristles were covered in clumpy mascara, which worried me a little. It didn't seem to look like the website showed:

This was a new mascara so it should look like the on on the left.  Sadly it looks much thicker and less defined as i think you can see in the picture....

I needed to wipe excess off before i was happy to apply it.  It did go on very well and smooth, and due to removing the excess there was no clumps transferred to the eye lash.
It seemed to spread onto the lashes easily and even the bottom lashes.
However, it didn't really lengthen them or volumise them, which was disappointing.
At the end of the day it removed really easily! All came off in seconds with a face wipe...not sure if that's a good thing or not as i haven't been able to test for waterproof- ness, so if this can be wiped off easily, i wonder how waterproof it really is?

So, picture with no mascara on:

And these are the pictures of when i added the mascara and 4 hours later:

The evenness has worn off and it almost has a spidery look to it now and seems to have separated areas in the top lashes. The bottom lashes have hardly anything left from the initial application.
Very disappointed in this one, especially as Bare Minerals have a good name, but also a high price tag.
It may not be good for me, but as with anything, what doesn't suit one, may suit another, so id love to hear from you if you like this mascara and any redeeming features i may have missed!

Onto the points for each mascara trial:

1) Cost
2) ease of application
3) volumises lashes
4) Smudgeproof
5) Any clogging
6) Hardiness (how long it lasts for) and if it looks just as good as when i put it on
7) How easy to get off at the end of the day?
8) Marks out of 10 for all of the above

1) - This cost £16!  A bit above what i would pay i think, especially considering how it went on, and the effects (or lack of) that it had.
2) Very easy to apply - AS LONG as you remove the excess and the clumps before hand. Goes on smoothly and spreads along well.
3) Doesn't really volumise the lashes, sadly
4) Leaves some smudging under my eye
5) no clogging initially but as the day got further on, it did seem to have clumps developed.
6) Doesn't look as fresh as it did initially.  The bottom lashes look as if nothing has been applied.
7) Very easy to get off at the end of the day - a few seconds with a face wipe
8). Not a great one for me I'm afraid.  3 out of 10 - purely as it was good to go on at first, and i cant being myself to mark lower!!

Here's hoping the next one is slightly better!

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