Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I Just Can't Keep Away from PMP!!!

My third post dedicated solely to PMP polishes and i can tell you that they are going from strength to strength and its so great to see a UK brand doing so well!

Charlie, the brain child behind this brand, recently paired up with Tara of Tara's Talons and made a Disney mini collection which sold out in FIFTEEN minutes - you know me and my speed (snail or stop) so i totally missed them, so if anyone wants to part with those gorgeous duo sets please let me know..!!

SO! On to the polishes!!
As is the signature with PMP they're made to be a top coat on a base colour to bring both polishes to life.  So again, i have 5 PMP's i have paired up with some of the colours i thought they would suit!
The five i have today are these gorgeous pretties!

"This Is The Life", "Heart of Glass", "Keep The Faith" and "Angels" are all from the newest collection called "The September Sparkle Collection".  "Wishing On A Star" is a stand alone bottle, not part of a collection, and available now (if its in stock!)

I always have fun with PMP's as its like its up to you to decide how to best show off the polish. Its up to you to chose a base colour that goes hand in hand with the PMP, in a way like an artist!  Not sure if id get a degree in artistry but i like the colours I've paired them with.
See what you think!!

OK, so first up is "This is The Life" and i teamed this with Nails Inc "Royal Mews" (a silvery holo colour). I really like this one!  This had oodles of glitter that clung to the brush every time you delved in, so was great to work with! Love the different shades of purple and the pink goes so well with it!

Next is "Heart of Glass" which topped off Leighton Denny's "Butterfly Wings" ( a pale pink slight holo colour).  This was probably the most difficult to use. For some reason the pieces of glitter weren't as forthcoming as the one above, so it took a few diggings around and a few coats and wiping off excess clear polish, but in the end, you get a nice coverage that lets you see the polish underneath too. I liked this as well...

"Wishing on A Star" made its appearance next and this had Nails Inc Diet Coke "Caramel" as its base.  A very muted glossy tan which i thought would go well with the small coloured star pieces, and i think it did!  Not as POP! in your face as the rest, but i think  a good combination for the day time, and even work.

Next is a beautiful mixed blue glitter called "Keep The Faith". This didn't need much digging to get the glitter, and i actually used 2 smooth and easy coats to get the coverage. Its sitting on top of Cameo's "Glass Slippers" which is a white sparkly polish.

Last, but no means least is the beautifully delicate "Angels" on top of OPI's "Meet Me On The Star Ferry" - A deep glossy burgundy.  This dark colour helps show all the different pieces of glitter that Angels has and i think it contrasts brilliantly!

So there you go! You may have noticed that these are from the September Sparkle collection which mean that as of yet you cant get them, but they are released on 1st September at 6pm GMT, so you know when and where to go!!
In case you need help, this is the PMP SHOP!!

These polishes are great and can be worn over so many polishes, even if the base polish has glitter! You can never have to much glitter!!

Happy Polishing guys!!

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  1. These look super! I agree about Charlie's polishes, I'm totally addicted to them too - and eagerly awaiting my picks from this collection :D


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