Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Free Shipping (including International!!) at La Belle Vernice!

La Belle Vernice is an Indie polish made with love by Roni in Iowa, USA.

I personally, hadn't heard of this brand until i stumbled across Roni the other day and she sent me to her web page to have a good look at her polishes, and WOW, there are some amazing polishes there!!!

And a great offer until Sunday 1st September she's offering FREE DELIVERY for ALL orders, even for us over here in the UK!! You need to spend $40, but trust me, when you see the polishes, its so easy to spend that, and we all know how postage can add a big whack onto international shipping!

Take a look at some of these to see what you can expect from La Belle Vernice!

This is the "It's The Girls World" collection

And this is "The Best Friends Collection"

The Gorgeous "Fall 2013" Collection

And this (probably my favourite collection!) is the "Mood Swing" collection:

There are Mini bottles as well as the full sized so you can try them out that way too!

Hope you take a visit over there, Roni is super nice and friendly and I'm sure if you have any problems she'll be quick to help you out!

When you get to the checkout at the store just make sure you input the code Freeship, to make sure you get the discount!
Its only live till THIS Sunday, so make sure you get in there!!


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