Thursday, 8 August 2013

First Play at Nail Art (very basic!!)

Yup, i love polish and i love the all in one bottles, but I've been seeing so many fantastic examples of nail art, in the form of free hand or stamping, stickers, diamante's or water decals and i really wanted to try it.  I've had a couple of appalling failures ( i know, right, how the heck can you fail, but i did!), which resulted in me just huffing, puffing and wiping all the polish off and sulking for an hour....or 5....

And then taking another go, just starting to walk instead of trying to run, so just 2 lines this time, and i know they're not perfect, but I'm pleased with them as a first go! Some of the lines are a little wobbly but i figure, it can only get better right!

Please excuse the chip on the first nail, there should be no excuse for it, but i didn't think the art was going to turn out okay so didn't try to fix it before doing them! Sorry!! Eep, and the cut too....I've been helping my mum out and although i tried to keep hands and nails in good nick, it was a bit of a challenge!!

I loved this colour as soon as i saw it a few months ago and someone was selling it a few weeks ago so i snaffled it.  Its so much better than it looks in the bottle! It is OPI's "Austin-Tatious Turquoise" which is a beautiful deep shimmery turquoise.

So on its own it looked pretty enough (minus the chip and scratches!)

I used the Barry M white colour Nail Pen, which RRP approximately £4.99.  I was lucky to get them off a friend so got them much cheaper, and must admit therye great! So much easier to use than a brush as its like writing on your nails!

Like i said i was trying to run before i could walk initially, so this time i did 2 simple lines, and i have to say it was very effective! I loved it, and my mum did too, and also had a play!

Close ups here show it with a top coat of Gelous to protect the pen and also you'll see a little butterfly that i put on to my thumb nail, just to add a little cuteness to it!  This was from a £1 circle of all butterflies nail art from the pound shop - bargain!  And looked so sweet next to the lines!

I know I'm no Picasso, but what do you think for a first attempt? Is it truly bad? Or passable? I kinda like them, even though i know they're not perfect!

Any tips on how to perfect nail art, or is it practise, practise, practise?!
What kind of art products would you recommend to get? I'm also pondering over some stamping plates, but not sure which ones are worth the pennies. I've tried the ones from the poundland, but when it comes to this.....i think you get what you pay for!

Happy Polishing Guys!!

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  1. Very cute!

    I'm no expert (no duh!) but I believe you just need to practice. Try a few different techniques - see what works for you. Watch tutorials on Youtube, ask people for tips if you need, and just try to have fun with it! You don't necessarily need specialist tools - all I really have are some cheap dotting tools, a couple of very tiny paintbrushes, and makeup sponges for gradients.

    As for stamping plates, I would recommend a set from someone like Bundle Monster, Cheeky, Gals etc. They cost a bit more, but they work out cheaper per plate than Konad, and you get lots of different styles you can experiment with!


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