Saturday, 10 August 2013

Charity Shop Special: CANCER RESEARCH UK

When i was informed that a company called Happy Little Badger was looking for blogs and bloggers to promote a Charity and they'd donate a staggering £50 to it, how could i say no?!

I support a ton of charities, and am a regular in alot of their high street stores, so i had to think hard about which one to pin point for this.

I chose Cancer Research as it seems to affect everyone in any walk of life at some point.  I lost my nan just under 3 years ago from lung cancer after just months of being given the diagnosis.  My mum was diagnosed with Cervical cancer when she was  39.  Luckily it was found super quick thanks to the regular smear tests.  It was treated with laser treatment.  During the following 5 years a smear was done every year (in the first year it was every 6 months) until she was given the all clear after the 5 years.  Thankfully it hasn't returned.  There is a girl who i know just diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the young age of 32.  she has just started her Chemotherapy this week.
So a charity close to my heart, and i think several others as well.

So what does the Cancer Research UK mean and do?

Volunteers have a variety of ways to raise money, such as;

You can get a fund raising pack just by clicking HERE

Obviously there are charity shops that help raise some much needed pennies in so many towns now, so its always worth popping in, it helps the charity and you get a bargain buy - whats the downside to that?

There is so many different types of cancer that the research grants are separated into the categories. If you want to find out how the money is spent, just click HERE and look for what category interests you and all the info is there!
There are mobile awareness travelling around too...

Check out these great stats from the Annual Review 2012:

Your Money Is SavIng lIves
Research is cancer’s ultimate enemy. Every step we take towards beating cancer is thanks to you. 

With your support we continue to save lives. 
Our fundraising income 
This year you gave a staggering £460 million.
Legacies £143m
Direct giving £109m
Events £75m
Shop income £73m
Partnerships and volunteer fundraising £40m
Major giving and appeals £19m
Other income £1m
Every pound raised counts 
Nine out of 10 of the donations we receive are for £10 or less, 
proving that small amounts make a big difference. Whatever the size of your donation, we will put your money to the best possible use in our fight against cancer.

For every £1 donated, over 80p was available to spend on 
beating cancer. The rest was used to raise funds for the future.

I want to thank the Happy badger for donating the £50 to such a brilliant cause, and i hope that perhaps you might help the cause by donating, visiting the shops or doing a charity event.  You can find out more about donating by clicking HERE


  1. I've done race for life 3 times, but not for the past 3 years or so. I am going to do the next one because I very recently lost my Aunt to a brain cancer. Need to run one for her!

    Corinne x

  2. Really loving your blog at the moment so I have nominated you for a Liebster Award for great up and coming blogs. Check out all the rules and things here.

    From Jade at Oh! You pretty things. xx

    1. hi Jade!
      oh thats so kind of you thank you for thinking of me and the blog!
      Its probably the only award i do actually have but im so chuffed you think i deserve it, that means alot!
      Thank you!
      Claire xx


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