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Cameo Colours chats to Penny For Them...

Cameo Colours is a new one to me, well it was a few months ago, until i was looking for a Spectraflair polish and a friend recommended Cameo's "Spectacular, Spectacular" (which by the way, is a amazing polish!!).

So i got a few to try (for research purposes, you know ;)) and they were all great!!! MY review of the four i got are HERE.

So after falling heavily for Cameo's beauties, i did what i always do when i love polishes....asked for an interview! And wheeeee!! Being the totally nice gal she is, said absolutely, returned the questions super quick, and even gave Penny For Them..readers a little treat (posted after the interview!)

I always love doing interviews, it gives you a chance to find out more about the polish and also the person (or persons!) behind it.  You're more than likely gonna find a complete polish lover and addict and this is, what i think, makes the Indie polishes so unique.  Mainstream ones are great don't get me wrong, but Indies have this different feel of more love and attention and the urge to test the limits of what can be put into a single bottle...the results are jaw dropping....!

Anyway, onto the interview...A big thank you to Cameo for reading my rambling questions and for answering them with great responses!  Enjoy seeing the maker from behind the Polishes!!

1).  So, i know the brand is named after your own name, but i have to ask, how did you come to be called Cameo? What inspired your parents for that name?
- My mom chose the name as her grandmother's favourite jewelry were her Cameos. :)

2) When did you first start mixing polishes?
In May 2012

3). When did you first start to sell them?
I released my first ones to sell on June 13 2012, but id already had orders for 100 bottles before I decided to start making them to sell.  I first had the Etsy store open on August 21st 2012, but have just recently made the polishes available via my direct website ( so the Etsy store is now closed.

4). Is there a polish that has been more successful than others?
- Unicorn Farts and "Spectacular, Spectacular!" have been my most popular polishes.

5).  Has there been any polish harder to make than others, and how?
- Blue polishes are the toughest, because the pigments require a LOT of grinding to blend into base.

6). Do you have a personal favourite of your collections? 
- I love my first collection, but I think my Labyrinth collection is my favourite, as it's inspired by my all-time favourite movie.

7). Are there any polishes that have been retired that you're thinking of bringing back?
- I've considered bringing back my OZ collection, but it's unlikely that I'll be bringing back anything I've discontinued. It's not impossible though!

8). Where do the names of the polishes come from?
- Movie quotes, songs, sayings, character names in various media, and just whatever pops into my head while the idea is forming.

9). Do you have any lemming at all that you just cant get hold of? 
- I don't think I do, actually. There are several polishes I would like, but none I just HAVE to have at this point.

A Bit About You, i think!

10). Do you do polishes as a part time thing? What keeps you busy during the days/nights? 
- It is part time for now, yes. I have a husband, three elementary aged children, four rescue dogs, and three cats, so what keeps me busy is everything that goes along with all of that, haha. I also care for my niece while my sister is at work during the week.

11). What last made you laugh/cry/frustrated (all 3 if you can!)
- Laugh: One of my dogs trying to make my me pet her. She kept wrapping her paw around my wrist and pulling my hand toward her head until I gave her what she wanted.  
Cry: Something I saw on TV got me a little teary-eyed, but I don't recall exactly what it was. I'm not a big crier.
Frustrated: My renter neighbours, parking their truck in my lawn...AGAIN!

12). What was your most fave and least fave subject at school?
- My most favourite subject was science, any science. Least favourite was probably math, but not because I had a hard time with it, it just didn't hold my interest.

13). Tell us an embarrassing moment!
- While celebrating something with  friends one evening, we were out dancing and having a great time. Then my heel broke, I toppled over, took down 4 other people and landed on my butt. Ouch.

14). Night owl or early bird?
- Night owl, definitely.

15). What do you do relax?
- I read, listen to music, walk the dogs, or watch a little TV...In that order.

16). What 3 things would you take on a desert island?
- A backpack full of books, a saltwater filtration system, and rope.

17). whats your comfort food?
- My crock pot beef stroganoff. It's so good I could easily eat the whole batch myself (over a few days), but I don't, haha.

18). What got you into making polishes? 
- The inability to find the perfect ruby slippers polish. There were several about, but none of them were doing it for me. I started researching and ordering ingredients a bit at a time over an 8 month period, testing them as they came in the mail. I made Click Three Times, and once I posted it, everyone who saw it wanted a bottle of their own, and here I am now!

19). any tips on making the best of your polishes?
- Shake the holos well, roll the glitters, and if any thickening occurs (usually with glow polishes), add a few drops of thinner and give it a shake a roll.

20). Any tips for anyone venturing into making polishes?
- Test everything, and test it well. This especially applies to glitters, you should make sure they are stable (not bleeding, flecking, curling or dissolving) in your base for a minimum of one month before you create anything with them. I have had more than a few that were claimed to be solvent resistant fail.

21). Whats next for Cameo Colours?
 - I'm finishing up testing on the fall collection, so I will be announcing it soon!

22). When will the thermals be up on the new website?  (thank you Emma for the question)
- The Thermolinear collection doesn't have a restock date, yet.  Because the necessary pigments are quite spendy and I charge three dollars less than the average, it takes me a bit longer to get everything together for the restocks

23). Do you have any new thermals?  (thank you Emma for the question!)-
Not thermolinears, no, but I have other thermal polishes, like Thunder UP!, You've Got Red On You, Nauti Mermaid, and more to come in the near future!

I think i managed to cover everything...!
Again, a huge thank you to Cameo for taking the time to answer the questions....

Oh yes!

How could i forget!
Cameo has very kindly given you the readers a special discount to use when buying some polishes from her STORE.  Your Code that you need to put in is PENNY20  and yes, its obvious really what the discount is...a brilliant 20%! Nows your chance to get ahold of that gorgeous "spectacular, Spectacular"...IF its in stock!
This code only lasts until 8th SEPTEMBER  So make sure you get to use it as once the 8th has gone, so has the discount!!!
Also, a small stipulation - you have to follow my blog in any way you like, and leave a note at Cameo's to let her know how you follow me and we will check!! So be warned! Tsk, following me when you get great posts like this and discounts...not too much of a hardship is it? ;) Just kidding!

Thank you again to Cameo, and as always, Happy Polishing!!

To Connect with Cameo here are the links:
Twitter Handle: @CameoColoursLac

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