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Tara's Talons - a new (ish!) UK Indie Polish Arrives!!

Hurray!! We have another UK Indie polish maker in our midst!!  These are rare beings indeed and I'm pleased to have found her and her pretty polishes!
The owner and creator of Tara's Talons is of course, a UK born and Bred lass called Tara, who is super friendly, helpful and loves polishes! The Etsy shop was opened in October 2012 and Tara already had pre orders for "Mum's Make Up",  "Clowning Around" and "Dolly" before she opened!

The polishes created by Tara are done very differently than other polishes.  If you visit her Etsy shop you will see the line " There Has Only been ONE bottle of this created". WOW. seriously, think about that - all those polishes and you buy the only one in creation! That's kinda cool! Her first collection of polishes were done in batches of ten, so still very unique.  Tara does say though that if you fall in love with one of the "one off" ones, she might be able to recreate it as a custom polish.  So i ordered 5 bottles from her 5 for £20 offer and all five of my bottles were ones offs - which i love!  NO ONE has this shade of polish in the entire world!!

So I'm going to review them, and tell you the names and whats great about them....but you cant get them!! *insert evil laugh here!*   But I'm sure Tara would be able to create something similar if you DO fall in love with one!  Her contact details are below!

So onto the polishes!!

The 5 for £20 is a fantastic deal and you get to choose which polishes you want in it! So (probably predictably!) mine had blues, purple and pinks in it!

As a general polish, each one is so easy to apply.  The brush is capable of holding quite alot of polish, and i found the best way was to just wipe the brush against the inside of the bottle a little bit, so it leaves you with a coated brush and more control over how much you apply.

The consistency is perfect, so no gloopiness or running down your fingers!

Glitter wise - it tends to be either just under or just the right amount (excepting the "Singing the Blues" i review below) -which isn't a bad thing! If the colour is as vibrant, powerful and luscious as these are, the little amount of glitter doesn't distract away from the colour (i know of the glitter one called "Clowning Around" which is a glitterfest, but haven't tried it to comment on it....yet...!)

It can dry quite quick when putting it on - id say about 20 seconds (depending on how thick your coats are), so if you're needing to dip for another bit of polish on your nails, try to do it as carefully and as quickly as you can so you don't snag the polish that's already on.

It took 3 coats to get the polishes opaque, which is about normal!

For the finished polish, its touch dry within 5 minutes, but again, as we know polish can scrape easily especially when applied freshly, id avoid doing anything with your nails for about 30 minutes if possible (hubby will have to do the washing up tonight...shame...!! ;) ).

Ok, so onto the polishes themselves! As i say, these were all "only one made" so if you DO like it you'll need to ask Tara to make you one up!!

The following polishes were built up using:
Opi Nail Envy
3 Coats of Tara's Talons polish
2 coats of China Glaze "Patent Leather Top Coat"

Had to start with this one first as it was my favourite - yes its purple!! This was from Tara's "random" collection and is called "Purple Galaxy" (only one made!).  She used the description for this as "a dark purple packed with silver glitter".  Whats strange is that yes it is packed with glitter but i kept getting glints of other colours, so I'm thinking, not just silver!  Its only the last coats glitter that will catch the light giving the polish a layered look.  I love this one.  The purple is just the right colour for me and id wear it no matter what the weather or season is!!

Next, is the very pink "Fairy Lipstick" - apologies for the ring finger nail, my dog decided she wanted to jump up and apologies Tara it had been a long day and i didn't have the energy to wipe off and add 3 coats again..so that's my fault!!!  Tara described this one as "a glittery berry pink".
Out of the five, I'm sorry to say this was my least favourite - but that's just personal choice.  I love pinks that are quirky and not too bright, so if you love your bright pinks this is perfect for you! It does look great on if you like your pinks!

 Another from the "random" collection, this gorgeous teal blue is called "Star Gazing", which is said to be a "dark blue shimmery polish with silver holo glitter".  Again - the dent in my first nail i didn't notice until photos, so apologies! Its me and not the polish again!! I love the blue of this - it really stands out.  The silver glitter holo is very slight but looks great when its caught in the light.

Another pink! But this one i like! its called "You're In My Heart" - part of the "favourite Songs" collections.  This one is "a bright pink polish with silver strands of glitter".  This pink is more my kind of pink!  I know its still quite bright, but its a quirky pink, and i love this shade. The strands of glitter don't come out too much, so the ones that do, stand out in the light.  Also it has more than just silver strands - or it looks like it anyway! So it glints different colours.  Its a great smooth polish this one due to not too much glitter and with the topcoat on it just looks yummy and glossy!  Lovely summer colour!

And lastly, but not least, another blue! This is almost a baby blue/sky blue.  Tara's description of this one called "Singing the Blues" (again from the "random" collection") was "a very light shimmery polish with silver holo glitter".  What surprised me about this was there were very occasional pieces of star glitters!  i think i only got 2 between the whole 3 coats, but i loved that! The glitter was plentiful in this one, compared to the other four, but it suited the polish.  The holo is very slight so not overpowering the polish, so you get the best of both types of polish! Happy girl here!!



Just five of Tara's polishes!  How gorgeous are they! Great prices too at the moment as Tara has a summer sale on that must finish this Saturday (6th June 2013)!!! So get your skates on if you want to treat yourself!!

Also, Tara has been mega generous and kindly given all the Penny For Them... readers an extra whopping 20% discount ( yup, on top of sale prices too!!). When you get to the cart, you need to add in the code "PENNYFORTHEM20". There is NO minimum spend and - get this - NO EXPIRY DATE!!! so if you want to use it at a later date, you can...but don't leave it too long as it might one day expire (notice will be given here if it does, so don't worry!)

Check out the limited edition false nails too - I've never seen that so its kinda cool! Especially for a quick nail change for a night out!!
Id love to know which polishes you grabbed with the discount so please write a comment if you do!

Ways to contact Tara
My blog link is www.tarastalons.blogspot.co.uk
My website is www.tarastalons.co.uk
My shop is www.etsy.com/shop/tarastalons 
My facebook page is www.facebook.com/tarastalons

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  1. Love the look of these, You're In My Heart and Singing The Blues are my favourites!

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