Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ruby White Tips Polish Fest!!

Its a few weeks of firsts for me!

I hadn't heard of Ruby White Tips (RwT) until my friend said she was doing an order and to have a look......and i did!! And WOW, were there some gorgeous polishes on there!!  So how could i not order a couple!!

Trust me when i say you have not tried a polish like this.  The consistency of the polish sets it right apart from the rest. its unique, mesmerising and just gorgeous.  It takes the polishes to whole different dimensions.  it can be used as a solo polish or on top of a base colour to transform a plain colour into a colour with pizazz!
The base is almost jellylike.  They have a major colour and then another colour that shimmers through it in just a great way!  Of course, not ALL are like this, there are some with simple colours and others that are pure glitterbombs - each with the same recognisable consistency that you start to recognise as RwT's.

As normal, on to the polishes!!
Little touches always go a long way with me, i know its normally something like some old fashioned sweets, or wrapped up and in a muslin bag or like these which have little cute sticker rows across the lids!

(OK, the starfish i should have taken off, lol!! These were a really cute way of doing a discounted promotion -the more starfish you got the more discount!  Ive never seen a promotion like that, but i hope i do see more - again, the little touches that you remember and make you smile!).
The "Boo2" is a super special polish in that 50% of the proceeds goes to the BatWorld organisation and Laura (the creator and maker of these gorgeous polishes) added a little bronze bat onto these bottles which you'll see in a mo.

So, as these aren't like the normal polish consistency it takes a while to get the hang of putting the right amount on your nails.  Its very thick and jellyish and will literally cling to the brush if you hold some over the bottle.  Ive found the best way was to take the brush out the polish and wipe it about 2,3 or even 4 times (depending on how much polish has come out!) on the side of the bottle, leaving the brush coated in a visible layer of polish but not dripping off (i really hope that makes sense!!).  With these i found it took four coats (when used on its own) to get complete opaque and to get an amazing looking shimmer running through.
When doing the coats, it does take a while for each on to dry - id give between 3-5 minutes and try not to nudge the nails or do anything that might move it, as it WILL move!  When finished, again, its a bit longer than normal polishes, possibly due to the unique consistency but without exaggerating i would give this 45- 60 minutes to be dry and able to have things nudge it or on the nails without it leaving a dint or scraping any off.  Its touch dry after approximately 10 minutes, but like i say don't let that lure you into a false sense of security!!

The individual polishes themselves!
Base coat used was Nails Inc Hyde Park
3 or 4 coats (polish specific) of RwT polish
top coat of Gelous

Ill start with my favourite - the "Boo2"

From the bat attached to the tiny sparkles of glitter in the polish, i LOVE it all! Not as thick consistency as the rest of the polishes but this is just a gorgeous polish to use - in every sense. 3 coats of polish here and completely opaque.
Described on the Etsy store as having the "base as blue, but it has plenty of undertones of purple.  There's some added holo micro sparkles that make it shine even more". Will probably explain why i like it  - purple, blue and glitter are my Achilles Heel!!  Get this one while you can, it really is lovely!

Next up is "Capricorn". This is gorgeous on its own (four coats applied here) but also as a top coat over a colour, take a look:

so four coats and a top coat, and just a complete luscious load of glitter on your nails! Perfect for Summer, perfect for a cheer me up polish, or any other reason you think of!!
Called "Capricorn" its described as "a multi-chrome foil fleck polish that shifts from blue to purple to pink and shimmers all the while. I think that's pretty accurate, don't you!  This is one of those colours that you cant stop looking at! All the different colours and shimmers and degrees of depth change in every light!...."

....and i thought id try it over a base colour.  Close to hand was a perfect match Models Own "Strawberry Tart" -  a perfect pastel pink:

Once again, the perception of the polish has changed!  This time, drawing in the pastel colour to let the pink truly shine in the RwT polish!  Very girly and very very Summery - as generally a dark and purple kinda gal i have a soft spot for this one!!

A real unusual one here. Called "Just a Phase", even Laura cant put a fixed colour on this one due to its amazing and constant shifting. All Laura DOES say is that it has way more glitter than you can see in the pictures - and that is oh so true!!

For me this one was a silvery pale blue with a very light pink and purple shimmer shining through it but only when the light hits it right! Its actually really hard to get a picture to show you how jaw dropping this polish actually is!  There ARE a ton of minute glitter pieces that bring the polish to life and looks gorgeous on!

Another Pink , "Pink Sangria" - a red based bolish but turned out hot magenta with purple foiled flakes! so THAT'S what it was - i couldn't figure out where the purple shining through this was coming from, it wasn't glitter, i could see that, and i hadn't actually seen the description of it before, but now I've read it, fits perfect with this polish! Definitely 4 coats of this baby to get a complete coverage, but don't forget, this is quite similar to the "Capricorn" where it can easily be used as a second colour to a polish and make it completely different again.  Feels like a more grown up version of "Capricorn" - more depth and more sensuous colour all together!

Last, but by no means least in my little fest was one which was curiously called "The Polish With No Name, only a Number".  Just that alone made me want the polish!!  Good job it was another gorgeous polish!! My Number? Forty.  Nothing to like or dislike about that name, but kinda cool that each bottle made only as a number written on it.  The only description given for this one was "Colours May Vary A Bit". had to laugh!! This is uber special. Only ONE bottle per person, not even allowed to buy for a friend. Ive linked it up in the picture, and hoping it shows up for you guys, but not sure if its on sale or not now or if its just stopped being available to me as i bought one! But anyway....

My bottle is very definitely a sky baby blue, with matching light blue shimmer and glitter running through it. Another difficult to catch the full beauty of in a camera and completely more snazzy IRL.

So? Have i convinced you that RubyWhiteTips are beautiful and unique polishes?
If you need more convincing, Laura has kindly done an interview with me which will be up in a few days and a special present just for the readers of Penny For Them...

Keep an eye out!! ;)

Happy Polishing!


  1. They sound amazing! Number 40 or the last one sounds amazing and the fact that you can only buy one makes me want it even more!
    Great review :)

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  2. For some reason Im drawn to the first colour! I have never heard of this brand!


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