Monday, 29 July 2013

Royal Week in Nails

Its been a while since i covered a weekly event in the FB group of All Things Nails, but now i have some time, i thought it was time to do another!
i love doing these posts - i love seeing all the different styles and polishes that the girls come up with.

so, as said this theme is "royal" so it can include the colour and the name of the polish.
These girls have kindly given permission for me to use their pictures.  Please do not reproduce these without asking prior permission. Please use the "contact me" page and i will pass your request to the gal involved.  There are also some links to blogs or instagram that will hold more pictures of gorgeous nails, so please take some time to have a browse round! Thank you for honouring the girls personal pictures and i hope you like the manis you're about to see!!

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  1. Been so busy I've missed these! they're gorgeous! thanks for rounding them up Claire x


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