Sunday, 21 July 2013

REVIEW: Lush "Lemony Flutter" Cuticle Butter

"A super-thick cream choc full of rich ingredients to help you get to grips with dry bits. Knees, elbows, heels, nails and cuticles – all will benefit from some Lemony Flutter attention"

As a complete polish addict, you have to make sure that your nails and all around them are in good condition to show the polish off to its greatest potential.

Wearing nail polish alot and not letting your nails breathe can cause brittle or soft nails, so treatment is definitely needed.

Ive tried numerous things, and what works for one, might not be good for another, like with everything in the beauty world.

As for nails, i do have a routine.

Ive then been trying all sorts of cuticle oil, creams and gels for the area around the nail.

I picked up Lush's "Lemony Flutter" in a blog sale on a whim.  Ive only tried a few of Lush's products, but had read good things about this....

.....and i can understand why!

First of all, the scent is heaven.  As soon as you open the tub, you're hit with a zingy lemon fragrance that makes you want to eat it (but obviously not!!)

Its a thick smooth cream, that doesn't require much to apply. Ingredients in this include:
Fresh Organic Lemon Infusion, Shea Butter,Beeswax, Organic Cold Pressed Avocado Oil, Mango Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Perfume, Organic Cold Pressed Wheatgerm Oil, Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil, Tagetes Oil, Chamomile Blue Oil 

As is normal with Lush products, alot of natural ingredients and lots of oils that help dry areas (not just cuticles, this can be used on any area's of dry skin - although i haven't tested that yet!)

You really don't need much to apply to each hand.  In the first picture here it is enough to rub into one hand's nail area, including the nail, and leave it feeling softer and smelling gorgeous!

It does need to be rubbed in (gently!), but it is absorbed quite quickly and its great for the nails too, so be sure to rub in the cream along them too!

You need to let it be completely dry until adding anything on to your nails, but it takes just a few minutes - no time at all.

Ive not used this for long, perhaps a week?  But i think i keep reaching for it due to the gorgeous scent and how my nail area does feel softer after using it!


Lush is a renowned brand for using as much natural ingredients to keep their items unique and luscious!
Price wise, its actually not a bad price for a 50g tub they ask for £6.25.  I have used some big brand named Oils in the past that aren't as natural as this and don't feel as if they're doing as good a job in such a short amount of time.

Would i buy this again?
Absolutely!  Although i think this tub will last me quite a while!

Would i recommend it?
Toughie!  As i said previously what suits one, might not suit another, so although i love it, you may not.  The best thing i could probably say is to try before you buy.  That was what i did with this tub - it was on sale for a great price as the seller said it was about 80- 85% full, but the amount you use, this could last months!!


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