Friday, 26 July 2013

REVIEW: Betrousse "Glitz and Glamour" Box

My thoughts on beauty boxes are pretty well known to any regular readers.  I think most of them have gone really downhill and aren't the great value for money that they used to be.

However, there are some boxes that i do like.  The main reason is that you KNOW what you're buying.  I know it takes the element of surprise out of it, but, from personal experience, it also removes the disappointment too.
There are several boxes out there now that show you what you're getting.  Theres the new Beauteco, The Latest In beauty box, and of course this one, the Betrousse box.  There are also boxes from other countries that people are now getting due to being disappointed in the UK boxes.

The box i got to review is the "Glitz and Glamour" box.  This is still for sale at a cracking price of £10 plus postage.  There are other boxes if you want to browse them HERE.

So, the first thing i noticed was that the Tulecos Item wasn't in the box.  A little saddened by this, but an email to Betrousse and they replied quickly to inform me that the expiry date on the items was in October, so they have removed it from their boxes.  I would have loved to try this but i can understand Betrousse's thinking.  It might be also why the box is a great price at the moment too! If you like the below items, its definitely worth a treat!

So the 4 items that greeted me in the pretty pink tissue paper were these:

A cute card to describe what everything was in a style of a menu:

onto the individual items:

This is a full sized shampoo (rrp £7.29).  Considering it contains rosewater (a scent which i really don't normally like!) it actually smells lovely.  It must be the chamomile that is along side it and reduces the rose scent.
It did take a lot to get a good lather on hair, but stick with it and it does feel nice.  Hair felt nice and soft afterwards (did use a different conditioner alongside it).

This shower gel has a gorgeous fruity and fresh scent - perfect for waking up the body especially in the morning! This is another full size at an RRP of £3.99.
Best to use with a pouffe net wash thingy ball- i don't know the right name, but hopefully you know what i mean!!  This pouffe helps it lather up easily and also it helps it go alot further than if you just used it on your hands.

This is an exfoliating cream and again, full size with an RRP of £14.
Bit of a strange one this I'm afraid! it has a very strange scent to it - almost like normal washing up liquid.  The little particles in it feels like its cleansing the skin well, but i would advise if you have sensitive eyes to try and keep this away from the eyes. My eyes are quite sensitive, and  as i rinsed it off it did sting a little, nothing too major, just irritating and like i say, its only if you have sensitive eyes.  My skin felt really clean after it and it was easy to apply and to wash off.

My favourite Item in the box! Before my nail polish addiction, lip glosses were my downfall!  This is from Make Believe Beauty and is a shimmer lip gloss.  Again, full sized and an RRP of £10.  A really pretty colour, which leaves a great shine and shimmer on even nude lips.  Nice and refreshing scent and is nice and smooth on the lips and not sticky - Perfect!

Even with the missing item, this box is definitely worth the price and the 4 items are great! But my favourite does have to be the Lip Gloss!! Just lovely!!

Thanks to Betrousse, you have a chance to win this box, by entering the giveaway HERE. It begins on the 27th July 2013 and ends on 1st September, so plenty of time and also to get more entries by doing the daily ones!

**this box was provided by Betrousse in return for an honest review**


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