Sunday, 21 July 2013

Random Rambling #7: Celebrities Without Make Up......?

.....look like ordinary people.  Everyday women, like us - because that's what they are!

The media, make up, lighting, airbrushing all combine to create images of people that leave teens, and even adults striving to look like what they see in the magazine or on the TV or Cinema...

....But I'm probably stating the obvious when i say "they're just people."  Teenagers especially long so much to look like these perfect pictures.  They forget that theres all the attention that is given to give these looks.  Constant make up retouches......constant hair re-doing, lighting in *just* the right way.....and finally the Daddy of them all - the famous airbrushing.

Pictures below are celebs without and/or with makeup.  The difference is HUGE, BUT they don't look ugly - they look like an everyday woman, yet they are slated from the media who make them look like they do for not looking like they portray them (i really hope that makes sense!!!).

Take a Look.....

Copyright: Top Socialite
 Alicia Silverstone

Copyright: NY Daily News
 Anne Hathaway

Copyright: Gossip Styles

Copyright: Without Makeup
 Eva Longoria

Copyright: Celebrity Diet Rules
 Jennifer Lopez

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 Katherine Heigl

Copyright: Celebrities Without Makeup
 Lady Gaga

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 Penelope Cruz

Copyright: NY Daily News

Copyright: Top Socialite
Sharon Osbourne

Charlize Theron

Kristen Stewart.

OK, so they're not what you're used to seeing, but these pictures of celebrities with no make up, doesn't make me want to run to the bathroom and face the toilet, doesn't make me think "gawd you're ugly" makes me think "you're a normal have good days and bad days like we all do, and its great to see you without your facade (IE mask of make up) on".  It makes me think, "maybe I'm not THAT bad after all...."

If only we could reach all the females and say "stop trying to look like that girl off Twilight, or off Gossip Girls, or whatever, what you're seeing isn't the real person.  Its a mask".....maybe the media should think more about what they portray as pretty and not.  Maybe if we embraced the non-make-up wearing "celebrities" females (and i guess men too) wouldn't have this constant expectation of them to look like they do on the TV.  Maybe build confidence. Maybe prevent self harming or other mental health issues that happen.

I'm not saying that if we stop photographing people in all their get up will solve everything, but maybe it would help just a little bit....

....Maybe if magazines didn't put so many adverts in them to say "you look like this if you have this product"...when in reality, you don't!

I know, alot of "maybes" and I'm not pinpointing the blame solely at the media's feet.....but there's got to be a starting point somewhere and as the media is all around us, it seems the perfect place to start........but I'm a realist.  I know it wont happen.  And that's kinda disheartening

One day maybe?



  1. I really enjoyed this post :) Well said. xxx

  2. Well said Claire :D

    I don't know who most of the people are in this post because I don't really pay much attention to celebs but I totally agree with all you said.

    Louise x

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