Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Random Rambling #6 - Are Magazines Worth the Price?

Its been a while since i had my last ramble, but i cant believe i haven't rambled about this one as its been bugging me for years!

Ive bought magazines since i was a teenager in school - More, Just Seventeen were the main culprits and the problem pages a great laugh to read.

As I've got older obviously different types of magazines - Cosmo, Elle, Company, Red etc have all been the more regular choices. I very rarely buy one off the shelf unless it has a free gift with it that id love.
This month they've out done themselves with the free gifts - there seems to be one with every major magazine!

Subscriptions are a great way to keep getting the magazine you like, at a lower price and often with a free gift, but most of them don't send the monthly free gift that you'd get if you bought it off the shelf, which is a wonder as you feel, "OK, I'm a loyal buyer of your magazine and you penalise me by not giving me the free gift that every other Tom, Dick or Harry can pick up?" (rant #1).

Then the prices have rocketed!  Most kicking around the £3.50 - £5.00 mark, which is alot of money! (rant #2).

Then what are you paying for? The increase of adverts in each magazine, i swear has doubled or even tripled - I'm convinced there's more adverts than content! (main rant! #3)

For ages I've been saying id get one of the magazines and see exactly how many pages or percentage of a random magazine actually has.

So i thought id try it with the only one that came through the door. I don't know if its the worst or not, but its the only one i can get my hands on, so its just random, not directed at the magazine itself!

OK, so this is the August 2013 subscribers edition of ELLE. It has 218 pages.

i first planned to rip out the adverts, but some have an article or something written on the back of that page, so I'm just going to count them......

*deep breath*

92 pages of adverts..... 43% of the magazine.
41 pages of modelling clothes....19% of the magazine.

So you get just 85 pages (38%) of the magazine is written articles.

So, like we always thought, you're getting mostly Adverts for your pennies - you get MORE adverts than articles in a magazine!

OK, I'm gonna guess that the people who advertise in magazines pay to get the publicity.  It then makes you wonder, how come it costs so much to us, if they're getting income from the companies advertising - in almost half the magazine? Why are we charged to read mostly adverts - which, i really don't and flick over, so i spend most of my time with a magazine turning pages!

So, i ask again, are the magazines really worth the price they charge us?
Could it be just this magazine that has a high ratio of adverts than others? Somehow, i really don't think they're the only ones with a ton of adverts.  Most have a lot but do some have more than others!??

Is the price so high due to the Internet and the fact you can get most magazines on line and also all the "celeb" pictures too - are they scrambling for customers maybe? Would make more sense if they lowered the prices to me...!

I understand that like all companies they have costs -overheads, pay rolls and for the materials and machines, but does it really have to make it so expensive for us to buy the magazine? Granted we don't know how much they are given  to put in the advertisements or how much they have to pay for their other overheads, but there are magazines out there that are bargain prices compared to the higher end ones.

Sad state of affairs when your buying to look at Cheryl Cole advertise L'Oreal or whatever..... :(

As a small note - the Conde Nast magazine "Easy Living" was dropped from being published in print last month and now solely holds its copies online..... Which is odd considering it was the only companies print magazine to increase its buying power a staggering 466% in its first quarter of 2013 (Source: Media Week).
A result of the decline in buying magazines as asked before? Will this be the first of many? I understand in this technical age, they're fighting an ever growing media and social internet living, but again, is charging prices that are quite steep, and having almost have the magazine as adverts the way to control it?

OK, point has been shown and rant has been done!
Am i alone with this thinking!??

**please note: This is nothing against the magazine used as an example here, just a generalisation of magazines contents today.  This is meant to bring awareness and not to discriminate against the magazine quoted.**


  1. I feel the same way. Another example though not in the media is crisps, lol, sorry but why am I buying a bag of air and 3 little crunchy things?!

    1. LMAO!!
      OMG, that is so true!! The bags have got bigger and the contents rant maybe!?
      Thanks for stopping by hun!

  2. haha! Red & Glamour seem to be the only ones who give subscribers the freebies! x

    1. I agree with that, only cos ive subbed to Glamour and know they DO send whats stopping the others? PLUS Glamour is a great price too!
      Would really like to know the thinking behind some magazines!!
      Thanks for the comment hun

  3. That is an interesting perspective. As a writer, it's also frustrating that the bulk of print publication is now simple advertising. I get that publications are trying to make a buck, but it is aggravating when trying to shop around articles!

    1. ooh its great to have a writers POV, so thank you for stopping by!
      Do you write for magazines? Have you noticed a change in anyway of how they do their articles? Do the articles come second to the adverts maybe?
      Thanks for coming and commenting!
      Always love other views :)


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