Sunday, 7 July 2013

NOTD's: Sally Hansen's "Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear"

Two NOTD's again today!
For once, my local Poundland had some nice stuff in when i went to visit last week, so i picked up some yummy shades of Sally Hansens and these are what I'm showing you today.  Typically i had to empty the rail to get the colours i liked as they were right at the back...but hey, still got em!!
If I'm honest, I've never actually tried any of the Sally Hansen polishes, but i couldn't resist these two colours.  And I'm actually amazed and impressed at the quality! Complete bargains for just £1 each!

So, no 400 "Virtual Violet" - gorgeous light purple-blue shimmer.

And no 230 "Plum Power" a really smooth almost mix of dark burgundy and a hint of purple running through it.

I'm not sure what i can write about these two! The brush was brilliant! It was a long handled narrow ended brush which felt i had more control over the polish.
I found it easiest to do slightly thin coats (not mega thin, but not too much on the brush).  This polish didn't dry quickly when applied to the nails, so any you needed to dip into the bottle to finish the coat with went on smoothly even if there was already some on the nail.
As a finished polished, it did actually dry quite quickly - touch dry within 4 minutes. I didn't get to test the time that it took to dry totally, but as normal with polishes, id give it at least half an hour before doing anything with your nails!

Even without a topcoat it was glossy, so the topcoat was more a habit and precaution than anything.  The base coat was Nails Inc Hyde Park, 3 coats of the Sally polish and then a thick top coat of Gelous.

These polishes - a total bargain for £1 each, and i know I'm going to be rooting through the shelves for more colours the next time i go into Poundland!

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