Saturday, 13 July 2013

NOTDs: Chanel "Taboo" and "Bel-Argus"

When Chanel mean "Limited Edition", they REALLY mean limited edition.  These are already becoming hard to find, so if you see one on your travels and are ogling over it, i'd pick it up or you might not get another chance!!  The RRP for both these polishes is approximately £15- £20 each depending on where you get it....and how desperate you are for it and willing to pay for it!!

I was super lucky and super excited to get these babies!  A friend actually clued me in about Taboo so i can blame (thank!!) her for showing me such beautiful (but expensive!) polishes!

The Bel Argus is part of the Chanel's Summer 2013 Limited Editions called "L’Eté Papillon de Chanel" . The others are a a turquoise colour called "Azure" and a coral cream called "Lilis".

The other polish here is called "Taboo" another limited edition as part of the "Collection Révélation" for Spring 2013.

These are my very first Chanel polishes (in fact my first Chanel anything!!) and my most expensive in my polish collection!  I was timid to use them!! Almost felt like i was painting diamonds on my nails and doing my hardest not to waste any!!

So i started off polishing using thin coats......

Not good.

Its best to bring the brush out, dab it once or twice on the sides and use the rest on the nail. Trust me, its better to do it that way than have so many thin coats that do snag as it dries quite quick - too quick to get another brush load on in the same thinness, so quite thick coats are called for.
Being Chanel, of course it goes on like a dream. Its smooth, silky and from even the first coat, coverage is amazing!  Two coats and each nail was totally covered in a gorgeous thick shine!!

Have to say, the old saying "You get what you pay for" swings into action...and the fact i would love some more Chanel polishes but cant justify the cost of them!!

Base coat used was Nails Inc Hyde Park, 2 coats of the Chanel polish and a thick topcoat of gelous (which just gave it that extra bit of shine and protection)

Anyway, so this is the Taboo.
Easily described as a deep dark yummy purple with a burgundy shimmer running right through it, bringing the term multi Chrome straight to mind.  As well as the shimmer, it has tiny particles of gorgeous glitter in purple, blue and silver -but only slight- so this polish changes its perception of colour by just looking at it a slightly different angle...its simply....beautiful... and i really don't think i got the greatest pictures of the polish, i tried, but failed, so this is my attempt at capturing the gorgeousness:

And this is a more professional shot courtesy of the fabulous Pointless Cafe blog:
Photo courtesy of

I think that last shot shows its true gorgeousness, right? I'm gonna have to get a better camera i think!!!

Anyway, onto the Bel Argus!
This is a delicious electric metallic peacock blue.  This one was a little easier to capture on camera as all its beauty is there to see pretty much straight away...i think i did OK with the photos..have a look....

Yeah, i think I'm OK with those!
I actually decided to play around with the Bel Argus today....first i tried it with a top coat of Enchanted's "Ice Castle" a great holo topcoat....

This really made the blue come almost to life and lifted all the metallic features right up!  I liked this one!

I also gave it a try with a Colour Club flakie coat - i *think* its Diamond Drops, but not 100% as it doesn't have a label.  Its pretty but not in the same league as the above Enchanted.

(apologies for the short nails on this - they decided to break during mani -not impressed!).  So, see this is pretty but its almost like its sitting on top of the Chanel as a separate polish, whereas the Enchanted helps bring the polishes together. This almost dulls the vividness of the blue, so probably not one to be done again!

I can see why people covet and hanker after Chanel items, well, polishes anyway!  Ive never been lucky enough to try any of their make up regime but hopefully one day (when i win the lottery...) i may do...

Simple question i guess with a simple answer...
Are these staying?

OH MY GOD -YES and probably put in a safe and bolted to the walls for extra safety!!!
LOVE them!!!

Happy polishing guys!!


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