Tuesday, 30 July 2013

NOTD: Zoya "Stevie"

 This gorgeous polish was on my Wishlist as soon as i knew it was being released this Summer.
I got uber lucky when a fellow Nail polisher had a blog sale and had this baby and also its sister "Miranda" which will be making an appearance here someday soon!

This is Zoya "Stevie", a beautiful light purple pink and is part of the Pixie Dust range.  Its a textured polish, pretty much alike to Opi's Liquid Sand.  This one however, has a real sparkle to it, where as some of the OPI's can lack it in some of them.  But from what I've seen the whole range of Pixie Dusts have a great splattering of sparkly glitter! Yummy!!

The best way i found to apply this was actually quite thick coats.  This means though, leaving a good amount of time between each coat to allow it to dry and then at the end of all coats, waiting more than normal to do anything.  it can still be dented or smudged half an hour later so bear this in mind when using it!
It applied really well and easily as is expected with Zoya polishes.  Even from the first coat, it was really pretty, and the 3 coats just made it look gorgeous!
Base coat here was Nails Inc Hyde park.

It was so easy to apply - no accidents or going over the nail edges occurred - i do think the texture has something to help with this!
So with the 3 coats and a generous top coat of Gelous, the mani was complete!

A fantastic colour for Summer (if we have any more...!!) and perfect to brighten up the Winters too.
The top coat helps the sparkle increase and if you're not too keen on texture but like the colour, then this helps enormously too.  I kinda liked the texture but i felt i had more protection over the polish with the top coat on it...the extra shine and sparkle was an added bonus!!

Staying? Yup!

Happy Polishing!!


  1. It's a nice colour, something to brighten up the day :)xo

    Dolce Vanity


  2. OMG look at that beautiful colour! If only I have access to Zoya polishes (I think I would go crazy haha)...

  3. This is such a beautiful shade!!! :D
    Only two days left to participate in my giveaway!


  4. love it! Been dying to try out Zoya, esp their shimmery summer colors!

  5. I love glittery polishes! It looks especially nice with the additional coats!


  6. LOVE Zoya! I'll definitely have to add this to my collection. <3

  7. the color really brightens up the day!! And it's sparkling!! Love it!


  8. It's sooo beautiful! I want to have some Zoya polishes but they aren't easy to get here in Germany... ):
    I like the glossy version of this!

    GIG love ♥

  9. Love the shade on you. I think purple looks perfect on any skin tone! :)

    Kumiko Mae

  10. Gorgeous color! I love purple shades so much!

    Maxinne ♥ http://flightlessangel.com/

  11. I saw these in the store and thought they were so pretty! I def have to pick one up from this line!

  12. This is by far my favorite Pixie Dust. So pretty!!

  13. I'm really not a big fan of this shade but the glittery thing is making it look so gorgeous. The colour looks awesome on your nails! And the name is so cute too hehe.. ^_^

  14. I love the glitters! So fancy and gorgeous :)

  15. I love that color! I think it will suits me too :)

  16. So pretty! I love the look with all three coats!

  17. That color is gorgeous! I'll have to add that to my collection.

  18. The color is suitable for all occasions :) Work, party....leisure. Yes wherever you go!

  19. Beautiful! I'm a HUGE fan of the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes, they're my fave texture polishes by far :D

  20. for some recent i dun like zoya nail polish...but this colour is sweet


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