Sunday, 14 July 2013

NOTD: OPI "Absolutely Alice"

I had been trying to find this lemming for ages, and was thrilled to see it up for grabs on a well known auction site.  Satisfying that its a genuine OPI with extra pictures from the seller i bought it and even when they arrived i triple checked to make sure it was the real deal..*sigh relief* it is!

And WOW is it a gorgeous polish!
The title of the polish kind gives the collection name away, but for those who need help - this is from the 2010 Spring collection of "Alice in Wonderland" to collaborate with the Disney film from Tim Burton that was revamped and released as a film.
This is now a hard collection to find - especially this Absolutely Alice and (one you've probably heard of already)- "Mad as a Hatter".  And for good reason - they're gorgeous!!  Both a complete glitter bomb, but I'm just focusing on the "Absolutely Alice" today!

This is a beautiful vibrant blue that sparkles in any light!  its mixed with sliver and gold glitter and just looks amazing!

As a glitter laden polish, the best way to apply this is in thick coats.  I tried thin coats and it didn't leave much on the nail and it dried super quick so as soon as you go to carry on and add to the coat, its already dried and the new polish and brush strokes snags the previous polish.  Thick coats leave a perfect layer.  And this leaves it to only need 2 of these thick coats to obtain full coverage.  On its own it sparkled fantastically, but with the top coat it gave it a complete glossy look without losing any of the sparkle -in fact it emphasised it more!

Base coat used was Nails Inc Hyde Park, 2 thick coats of the polish and a top coat of Gelous.

I cannot express how great this polish was in every way.  It went on so well - as long as you do thick coats!  You can even see how well its covered with just one coat - the second just tops it up and makes it completely opaque and absolutely yummy!

With the top coat, this is how it looked:

I tried to get a few close up shots to show you how jam packed and how well the colours compliment each other.  Its not a bad picture, but I'm waiting for a zoom lens for my iphone to get better close ups in the future!

I've just seen this polish outside, and i just had to take a few pictures - apologies for the few chips, that's my fault for using my nails too quickly after doing them yesterday, but WOW does this polish really pop and come to life when the sun hits it!!

I'm so glad i managed to get a hold of this polish, and if you love blue and glitter -if you see this for sale, id grab it if i were you!

So, the obvious question i ask every time i put on a new polish....

Is it staying?

Do i even need to answer that...!!??

Happy polishing guys!


  1. Really like this polish - will keep an eye out for it!

    1. defiently - it doesnt come up very often so when it does grab it - i nearly let this slip through my fingers and im so glad i didnt!
      Its easily made into my top 5 faves!!
      Thanks for popping by and for the comment!


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