Tuesday, 30 July 2013

NEVERMORE TOURS: Lunacy by R A Sears

"The glance at the clock on my night stand told me I had half an hour to get ready and be on my way to school. Senior year. The last big hurrah before the veil of childhood was burned away to nothing and the real world could sneak up and bite a huge chunk out of your ass. Unless you grabbed it and got a bloody mouthful of flesh first, that is."

All Kacea Meade wants is to finish her senior year of high school and get out of the little backwoods town of Elm Valley. But she's distracted by the social pariah, Jynxx Davison. Drawn to him in a way that she can't explain, and can't resist.

Jynxx is Ulven, a werewolf, and the last of his pack to discover his heritage. His awakening stirs something in Kacea, a key much sought after by ancient beings faded into legends. Can she sacrifice everything she holds dear to keep it from them?

Filled with werewolves, vampires, Norse gods, and a touch of romance, the first book in the Ragnarok Legacy is sure to satisfy any lover of the paranormal/urban fantasy genre.

Mainly a writer of supernatural/urban fantasy fiction, Randi's been seriously writing since she was 13, honing her craft to have a blade of storytelling as sharp as her rapier wit. Inspired by a childhood full of action and horror films, as well as a more-than-healthy dose of comics (both American and not), her writing style has often been described thus: "It felt like I was watching a movie, not reading a book." With a style heavy on both visuals and plot, she hopes to enrapture many with her prose.
She began what has now become known as The Ragnarok Legacy when she was a junior in high school. The first book "Lunacy" is now available, after being revised and in the works for nearly a decade. She's working on the sequel "Sanguinarium" to be released sometime in the fall/winter of 2013.
Randi (Miss R.A.) currently lives near (but not in) the thriving metropolis of Baltimore, Maryland. She shares her home with her two cats, Chester and Nergal, a dog rescued from Afghanistan who goes by the name Renegade, her son Hunter, and her husband Adam, who proudly serves in the United States Military.


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