Saturday, 20 July 2013

My First Beauteco Box (July's Box)

I found this box while browsing at a fellow bloggers review of it....

Now, regular readers here and friends know how disappointed I've been lately with pretty much all of the commercial boxes that are around.

THIS one, seemed different.  For a few reasons..
1).  You get a choice of 3 boxes - so you know what you're getting
2). They aren't all the piddling sample size that you're used to getting in the boxes
3) Great brands!
4). Great price and quick delivery!!

So onto when i opened the box, i was greeted with a plain brown box on the outside but cutely decorated lid inside

Wrapped in a lovely blue tissue paper and a cute card in a menu style detailing what i was to expect when i open it!

 And this was what greeted me when i opened the box!

When i saw the Neal & Wolf items were going to be in the box, it was a no brainer to me, its a brand i have a couple of things from, and love them, so of course i had to get it!  Each of the 3 box choices had these 2 items as the staple items.  It was what its companions in the box were that varied.

So individually the items are:

Neal & Wolf's Volumising Lotion 200ml (full size) 
RRP £9.50
"Wave Goodbye to Drab, limp looks and hello to luxuriously thick hair, filled with body.  Evelaie has been designed to leave hair stronger, fuller and give more control"

Neal & Wolf's Intensive Care Treatment 200ml 
(Full Size) RRP £12.95
"Harmony has been specially created to repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation"

ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base 5ml (Full Size) 
RRP £8.00
"The Eyeshadow base with a soft, creamy consistency prevents the deposition of eyeshadow in the eyelid crease and makes the powder eye shadows highly long lasting, intense and brilliant.  The eyeshadow is being applied easier, distributed better and lasts longer.  This way, little particles cannot become loose, making it ideal for contact lens wearers"

ARTDECO Soft Kajal Liner (Full Size) 
RRP £6.75
"The Soft kajal liner with natural antioxidants contains a colour intensive mine with a soft, gel-like texture.  It can be applied pleasantly soft and is very long lasting.  The liner is idea for drawing a line around the eyes and perfectly suited for the inner eyelid"

PUKKA Radiance Serum (10ml Trial Size) Full Size (50ml) 
RRP £28
"A wonder serum that will leave your skin feeling fresh and bright, gently fragranced with sandalwood.  Suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive"

PUKKA Gentle Cleanser wipes 2ml

I'm kinda really impressed with this box!
The total cost of it was £10 plus £2.95 postage. Pretty much the same as most commercial Beauty Boxes.  But the items in here are worth a staggering £44!!  so is it worth the pennies? Id say most definitely! 

I don't think this will be the last box i get - i love the fact you can choose which box you can receive and i love the price! How could you not!!

I emailed the company first to chat to them a little about their boxes and if the July one was available.  They were courteous, friendly, helpful and most of all very quick to respond to emails (other companies not being named and shamed here, but if you've had beauty boxes in the past, you'll know the prime suspects here!!).  So a big tick in the "good Customer Service" box. 

If you decide to try out one of these boxes, The July one is still for sale HERE.  If you put in a discount code of "FRIEND07" you will get 2 extra products FREE!! You need to say who sent you, so that would be me (Claire Stephen!).

I haven't tried the items yet, but intend to so pretty smartish!

This box, is way above the usual beauty boxes that us Brits have been used to in the last few months.  They've definitely declined in their contents, but could this be the one to shake up the industry and make the boxes worth buying again?

I'll definitely be checking out next months box!!

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