Thursday, 4 July 2013

Holiday Snaps of Cuba - You NEED to go here!! (picture overload!!)

Its a joint "must have" between my mum and I that we try to go on a holiday every year together.  OK, so to some this may sound like "WHAT!!??" but my mum is fantastic.  Shes my best friend, shes such a laugh, we bounce off each and get on like sisters - that's why i love going on holiday with her! Shes sodding gorgeous and doesn't realise it, but I'm trying to convince her..!!

Anyway, this year we were really lucky to go to Cuba - an area called Holguin towards the south of the island.  This was an amazing holiday.  It didn't cost as much as you'd think (although don't get me wrong, it was more than 2 weeks in Tenerife) but totally worth it. All inclusive at a gorgeous hotel, 5 minute walk to the beach, 3 pools to choose from and surrounded by unspoilt Cuba life.

It was that amazing, that my mum wants to go back next year - might not sound a big thing, but my mum has travelled ALOT and to ALOT of places and her philosophy is "the world is too big to go back to the same place"...this is the FIRST time EVER she has wanted to go back somewhere, so it really is THAT good!

So i thought id show you a few snaps of it....none of myself or mum as we both hate pictures of ourselves, but trust me, i think the Dolphins more than make up for it!

Sitting comfortably? Good - let the picture fest being!!

So What do you think? Is it what you thought of when you think "Cuba"?
It was the most amazing holiday and the most gorgeous place. The people are just lovely and always happy (well, they were when tourists around, but i get the vibe that they're like that anyway!).

Beautiful Hotel, beautiful beaches, the pool was even gorgeous (we normally go to the beach, but the pool was perfect!), great temperatures (in Egypt last year it was like going into a freezer - i hated it!), the food was fresh and tasted great! I honestly cant think of a bad thing....apart from the golf carts didn't tend to stop for you if you were walking back to your room!! But if that's the only thing that was wrong....!

Its looking like we might go back next year as we really did love it, and totally recommend it to anyone who asks!
hope you liked the pictures - we actually had over 700 (including short videos!)

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  1. It looks gorgeous! Love the shots of the dolphins.

    Jess xo

  2. Oh my word, this looks amazing! I definitely need to look into going there! x


  3. I am most definitely jealous xx

  4. wow! I am jealous, too :P Amazing photos!

  5. wow!! It's really amazing and beautiful.. Thank you for this beautiful post. Now after viewing your blog I am just planing for Cuba Holidays.

  6. Such beautiful pics! Looks like u had an amazing holiday :)

  7. Oh wow this looks AMAZING!!!! The dolphins - omg!!! And the private breakfast looks to die for!
    You mustnt have wanted to come home!

    Sparkles &Stretchmarks

    1. hiya hun!
      We really didnt want to come home!!!
      But it was so amazing weve talked about going back next year (and my mum NEVER goes back but she loved it that much!!) was just gorgeous, and id be happy to do exactly the same things again if we do go (maybe not the speedboat..after going into the ocean, that freaked us both out!! LOL!!)
      Glad you like the pics - would totally recommend Cuba and esp where we went to anyone, its a little piece of heaven and luxury!!

  8. Really beautifull photos....Seems you had a great time.... Would love to visit Cuba..

  9. Whoa, looks absolutely amazing! It looks like so much fun! *____* <3

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  10. Waaaaah this place is definitely one of the best ones to go to! It's nice to know you go along well with your mom. I'm missing my mom because of this post :) Thanks for sharing your holiday vacation. :)

  11. hope, i can go there one day :D
    btw, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, following you now ^^

  12. Cuba looks like a beautiful country! I loved the pictures; I always have that problem of having too many pictures for a blog post. ;)

    Autumn | Mrs Gaeul

  13. Wow. Simply beautiful! I hope that the political barriers that keep me and my fellow Americans from being able to visit Cuba will one day be settled so we may all benefit from the beautiful things each nation has to offer the other. Thank you for allowing me to see what its like in Cuba!


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