Sunday, 21 July 2013

FINALLY!! I Have Me A Helmer!!

So the last few weeks or months, my nail polish collection has sprouted....well, grown!

Ive put off buying anything big for it as i didn't know what to get!

All my Nail pals all swore by Ikea's "Helmer".  It cost £25 and i was told it held up to approximately 600 polishes.   Since I'm not near that number (yet!) it was ideal for me.

What put me off? A couple of things....In Northern Ireland, there's only ONE Ikea and that's in Belfast, so for me a 60 mile round trip - that put me off.  Then the actual facing Ikea and traipsing round trying to find it (if you don't know, i have M.E and I've been having a rough time lately, so this was a major block for me), and then, the last- I'm appalling at DIY and i was told this was had to be put together at home....

Anyway, i got a gentle nudge from my mum as I've been harping on about this thing for months.  Ive tried to avoid buying it by using little plastic drawers, beauty boxes and other forms of containers, but everywhere i looked downstairs all i could see was polishes and it was driving me loopy!!

So, yeah, a nudge from my mum and i dragged myself to the journey.  I got there safely, went into Ikea and asked at the customer service's if someone could help me with it - to my enormous relief, yes they could. So a kind helper went and got the helmer for me, wait till i paid and told me to bring my car round and they put it in for me...
Two of the dreaded tasks faced and done!

I put off the inevitable building but it actually wasn't as bad as i thought and was put together in roughly about 45 minutes (pretty good for me i think!!)

Once you got into the swing of how to do the drawers, you could sit down and do it slowly and easily!

Its so good to not see polish lids everywhere i look!!!  All polishes are in, in order of colour, and (yes mum!!) i still have space for a lot more!!
It does come with castor wheels, but i haven't added them on as i've put it on top of a shelf in my dining room, but i've kept them as you never know when you want to change your mind and have it to wheel around!!

If you're uhmming and ahhing over what to buy to put your polishes in, i would totally recommend this - its easy to put together, it holds a heck of a lot, and its a brilliant price!

Don't do what i did and try and avoid it by buying other containers, you're only putting off the inevitable!!
(i got it in Silver, but it also comes in red, white and yellow!)

Thank you to the girls who recommended this to me!!


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