Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Box Swap #8

Its been a while since I've done a box swap, but this one certainly made up for the absence!!

This swap was with a brilliant and gorgeous girl called Kelly who had never done a box swap before, so I'm popping her box swap cherry and praying she likes what I've sent her!!

I LOVE what she sent me - all of it!
It was obvious she took note of my likes, dislikes and loves and put so much thought into everything.
There are the odd swaps where you can feel that not much thought had gone into it and they just grabbed whatever they had in and wasn't using, and these boxes make you a little wary of doing it again....

...but then you get a box like Kelly's, and your love of box swaps is remembered and you want to do it again (which i am!!)

As always there was a budget, and both of us went way over!!

I tried to take piccies of groups of items - check out how much mascara and nail items are there - heaven!!

This box was heavy!!  Kelly had told me that she'd wrapped the outside of the box as if she wrapped all the items inside the box wouldn't close - she was really right!!
When i opened it this was what i was greeted with!

A Card read "Open Me First" rude not to, so i did!

This made me laugh! i am crazy cat lady (as well as crazy dog lady too.....!!) and Mog is now sat next to my bed (away from any prying paws that might want to play with her!!)

Kelly also put a really cute card in and i love what she wrote, made me really smile.  You know you "meet" some people online and they're not what they seem - Kelly is EXACTLY what she seems and that's a great thing, shes a really nice girl (and hoping to do another box swap one day with her!!)

OK, OK, OK!! Onto the contents!!  (i swear, i just kept pulling more and more more out - it was like the Tardis in there!!)

Wow - Mascaras and eye liners....a girl can never have too many mascaras!!

A ton of eye make up - i cant wait to play with these - especially the Avon 6 palette which have bluey colours that I'm experimenting with!

A couple of face powders - the one on the left is foundation and on the right is a gorgeous blush!

*Squeal* Perfumes!! Another thing a girl can NEVER have too many of! I have already investigated these and they're all yummy and light - great for day wear in the summer!!

some gorgeous Lip products! My favourite in the picture has to be the one on the left which is a Famous lip gloss, it looks a gorgeous shimmer colour!

Bath & Shower Items - no box swap is complete without - the 2 bottles on the left are a gorgeous fresh strawberry scent and the spray is Cherry blossom - I'm in love with that one already!

Hair Items!! The brush is perfect as I've needed one that fit in my bag for ages, and this is just what i need!! Cant wait to try out the Moroccan Oil Hair Mask and also the detangler (that smells of orange - gorgeous!!)

Another girlie "never too much of" - Creams and face items!! And yep, that is a couple of Clarins that you're eye has caught!!! *big smile*

Some sweeties hair clips and a delicious scented candle that makes you want to eat it!! (i wont, obviously!!)

Hehee - wouldn't be summer without flip flops and some handy little bags to put all my new bits in!!  On the side are some samples and a Balance Me Eye Cream (i need eye creams!!!)

Lots of great samples to try!

Onto the last but not least few favourites - it has to be nails you know that!!

speechless!! So many pretty colours and sparkles!!!! The girl knows what i like!!

And you KNOW what my favourite one is right? Yep, the sparkly one on the bottom right hand corner!!  Not saying the others aren't great, but i do love my glittery nails!!

So you can see what i mean about when you get a great box swap? You want to do more and more.... i have one that I've just finished and need to swap, and hoping to have another in the pipeline soon.

Ive always totally loved doing this, and i love that Kelly has renewed my faith in box swaps!
Thank you so much for the fun swap Kelly, i really hope you like what i sent you and i really hope you'll do another one with me in the future!

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  1. What a great swap!!! You were well and truly spoilt. There are some fab things there for you to enjoy having a play with, and I am sure you will enjoy every single thing, especially the sparkly nail polish.
    Angela x


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