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BEWITCHING TOURS: "Hath No Fury" by Hal Rappaport

Title: Hath No Fury
Series: The Lesson of Three- Book One
Author: Hal Rappaport
Genre: Paranormal Thriller/Romance
ISBN-10: 1475243596 
Number of pages: 472
Cover Artist:  Alex Kayne

This is a fiction story, with factually reported paranormal events, written by an established, credible, science and technology writer for well-known publications. 

I think you'll find the story has in interesting world to immerse yourself in without losing an edge in reality that sets it apart. While the book has paranormal elements, it is not a typical, "drippy" vampire romance. 

Hath no Fury is about REAL magic. While the storyline is a fictional, any paranormal elements are actually based on real events personally observed in research or relayed by very credible witnesses. 

Set in the 1970’s, Mark and Amy, the central characters of the story, live a life of discovery and wonder amidst a secret world of magic practitioners. As they mature, they discover their own magic and a new facet to their friendship. Just as they turn over a new page in their relationship, their worlds are suddenly rocketed out of control by a destiny and a source of evil that has been waiting patiently for a generation.

The Story Behind the Story

There is a romantic and heart wrenching story arc thread being woven throughout. It will become more and more apparent in the next books. While I hope it will entertain, there are a few deeper themes that I wanted to express.  

First, although the central character, Mark is male, the real strength comes from the women around him.  I wanted to demonstrate balances.  The title, “The Lesson of Three” comes from the Wiccan Rede (pronounced “reed”).  It’s part of an understanding that any witch or magick practitioner should understand.  Any energy you put out in the universe (magickal or otherwise) will come back to you times three.  Similar to Karma, with its balance, the Wiccan and Pagan beliefs are just multiplied by three.   It still comes out to be a balance, so it doesn’t strictly conflict with Karma, just that it shows it’s results with “broader strokes.” 

I also wanted to highlight that all of our religions and magickal practices have much more in common than they have differences.  We need to celebrate what we have in common and share our differences, not fight over them.

I currently live in New Jersey, in a small town just north of Princeton.  I grew up in Philadelphia.  I guess I’ve been writing stories since I was about 11 or 12.  I loved the idea of being able to transport someone to another place, or to create my own.

I’ve always been into technology.  I’ve worked in the field for almost 25 years.  I wrote for the Syfy Channel’s technology site, DVICE and several of my articles were picked up by NBC (NBC Universal owns the Syfy Channel).  I have regular articles that are science fiction inspired, but about REAL technology.  It’s been my passion to incorporate something real from fiction. In the case of my book, it’s incorporating something real INTO the fiction.

Before any of the Syfy channel stuff, way back in the early days before Facebook and before Blogs, I created a web site for Horror themes called,  It’s still in existence in its very primitive form.

Anyway, I decided to write an article for my own site about one of the scariest places I had ever been.  It was a haunted attraction that had existed in the 1970’s and 80’s.  It was called, Brigantine Castle.  It was gigantic.  It was five stories tall with over 80 live actors.  Through the early search facilities of the web, I found a few of the original cast and got them together using a yahoo group (They still use it). 

It gave me a unique opportunity to interview them and to write some great stuff about the place, with a lot of their pictures and even some sound recordings. 

The editor of Haunted Attractions magazine read my web site and asked me to write one for him.  It was my first professional writing.  I’ve written a few more articles for Haunted Attractions Magazine since then, along with a few other industry publications.


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