Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Nail Treat from Adele!

Photo courtesy of Adele
Due to my polish collection i very rarely get nails done by a nail technician.

But before i went away in May my local brilliant Beautician ran a small competition on her Facebook page HERE.  She said that whoever get the most new followers would win a nail manicure and polish...
...yup, little me won, and a huge thank you to all my friends who followed Adele and for making me the winner!!

Its taken me till now to book in with Adele, mainly as i went away from home for 3 weeks bu also shes always jam packed with appointments so you have to book quite a bit in advance.  But i don't mind as she's great to go to and really well priced (its where i go to get my eyebrows done (one thing i just cant do!) and my sneaky sun bed sessions!).

Adele is a woman of so many talents, if you're ever in Northern Ireland, in particular in Ballymena - you must book in! She does make up, nails, massages, eyebrows many girlie things - perfect for a girlie afternoon!

Photo courtesy of Adele

So, the sun is (just about) still shining and although its a muggy heat, i wanted something perky for summer. Adele showed me 4 new Bio Sculpture pastel colours in blue, pink, peach and lemon.  Me being me, chose the blue (No #159 "Grace") and the pink (no #157 "Elizabeth").

Adele filed and buffed my nails first and used OPI Nail Envy as a base coat.  2 coats of each polish used, and then on my ring finger Adele did some tribal style nail art, using silver, white, pink and black pens.  She then finished it with a Catrice Top Coat polish and some cuticle oil and my nails looked more than just presentable!

Check these babies out!  Has made me look at the pastel polishes i was going to sell in a different light and swiftly removed from sale to try to recreate this for myself!!!

Simple but very effective!!  This is (sad to say!) the first time I've had nail art done on my nails, and i think Adele made it look easy, but I've got some art pens for nails that I've been too chicken to have a go with, but i think i will!  Ill take them when i go to my mums and we can have a play with them!  something so small like some lines can make a manicure look so totally different! I love it!

A massive thank you to Adele for honouring the manicure and managing to fit me in and managing to work in this stifling mugginess!!

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