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Welcome to Glittering Elements!!

I had a FANTASTIC nail mail this week!
I had 2 brand new polish brands to try and one that's only a few months old and in the UK!
This brand spanking new polish that I'm posting here is called Glittering Elements and is all the way down under in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.
Glittering Elements is the Polish baby of Casey who i approached when she said she was looking for bloggers to review her polish.  "Alas", said Casey " unless you can help with the postage, i wont be able to send you them".  Saddened, i asked for postage and wasn't as much as i expected, so gleefully and happily agreed to the postage which took just 10 days to get here!!  And even more exciting for me - i was the first person in the UK to try them! *happy little giggle*!

Casey started mixing polishes in early March this year and Glittering Elements was opened on 12th June. The first colour to sell was called "Candy Love" which is still available to buy.

Opened them up to find the cutest bottles ever!! And the little bows on them are just so adorable!!

I told Casey what my favourite colours were and she was kind enough to send me versions of that colour and i have to say i love all five!! Seriously great polishes!

So, lets start with the polishes in general.
All five polishes had a great consistency. Not too thick and not too runny. The brush held just the right amount of polish that you needed and went on like a dream. The pieces of glitter were very plentiful and none of that digging around for pieces as they came out readily on each brush stroke.  It didn't dry too quickly on your nails so if you had to go back to the bottle and put some more on, no snags on the previous polish - just blends back in with it!
It took three medium thick coats to get a total opaque look, but well worth it!
The brushes are just the right size to get polish onto your nails and in the awkward areas.  I hardly (probably once or twice!) went over my nail  - and that was mainly my fault for glimpsing at the TV!!
It was touch dry within approximately 5 minutes, which is great! But to avoid any early chipping id give it about 20 - 30 minutes before doing anything that involves using your nails, just to be on the safe side!
Casey said that her (very supportive!!) hubby wore one of the polishes on his pinky finger (and yes it included the pink one too!!!). He works as a landscaper so a great way to test how hard wearing the polish can be!  Apparently hubby says it was about 5 days that it started to chip alot, which is like WOW!  This is one thing i haven't tested here, but when i put on the polish next its definitely the thing ill be watching for!
The colours are fantastic! Vibrant and refreshing and the glitter breaks it up just right - theres no glitter overload on these, and for these polishes that's a great thing!
They're what i call an "All-In-One" ; everything in the bottle is there for a great polished and fab look. Perfect if you're a lazy polisher like me!

For all the following pictures, i used:
OPI Nail envy
Essence Peel Off Base (great for glitters!!)
Three Coats of Glittering Elements
Two Coats of China Glaze Patent Leather Top Coat.

Personally, i LOVE these colours and think they look fantastic, i hope you do too!!

First one is called "Blue Bellz" and describe as "a baby blue pastel shimmer with periwinkle hexes, teal micro hexes and silver and white micro glitters". Spot on description! Its a really nice almost sky blue and the glitter in it doesn't overpower the colour and contrasts perfectly! It layers up so you can see some pieces of glitter underneath and so its just the ones on the last coat that sparkles. A gorgeous Summer colour!

"Little Pinky" is described as: "a rosy pink shimmer with pink holo hexes, red/coral hexes and pastel satin squares."  Cant fault that description either! Fits it exactly.  A nice easy polish that the shimmer builds up after each coat.  Pieces of different glitter are added every time you brush more polish on the nail - no digging required!! Again, perfect for a Summer day (if we ever get one!)

I think this is probably my favourite. I love purple polishes in general, and this did not disappoint!  This isn't for sale until next week and i would heartily recommend it if you love purple polishes! Its a gorgeous purple. Just the right shade and the glitter pieces are the perfect colour to match and again, just enough comes out on the brush without distracting from the colour. LOVE it!

"Rainbow Fish" is a gorgeous blue with oodles of little pieces of glitter. This is one that suits the ton of glitter in it, as i think you can see! This is inspired by a book Casey read as a child and she describes it as ""peacock blue jelly shimmer with black and purple matte squares, turquoise holo hexes and silver micro glitter. AMAZINGLY eye popping over a black base colour". I love the different colours of the glitter pieces - they're pretty all much darker than the polish which gives a great effect.

"Snowflake Kiss" is "a limited edition shade, its a white pearly colour changing base, violet highlights..silver holo hexes and a hint of diamond holo". Normally i don't suit whites, but this was so pretty! Even in the bottle it looks like Essence of Winter, but on the nails, it shines and the small pieces of glitter sparkle like little snowdrops when catching the light. A beautiful polish!



Was i right, or was i right?
A gorgeous new brand with beautiful polishes that are in every way such a dream to use!
I want to thank Casey for allowing me to be one of the lucky ones to review them as i love them and i can see me heading to the Etsy store several times to get some more!  I've been looking at the Glittering Elements store and i see there's already a new collection called "The Fairyland" collection and has some amazing holo's which I'm already itching to try!

Casey has kindly agreed to be put under the spotlight for an interview, so that should be on the blog soon, so keep an eye out for it!

Ways to find "Glittering Elements"
FB -
Etsy Store -


  1. They are lovely xx

  2. Love Snowflake Kiss! They are all super pretty :)

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