Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Development of "Deep Connections" by Rebecca Graf

The Development of Deep Connections

When I originally wrote Deep Connections, it was just a sweet love story with a very small hint of the supernatural. Nothing big or dramatic about it at twenty-five thousand words. Then a friend said to expand on it. I started writing. The scene that came out was a shocker. The girl was kidnapped. Where did that come from? The whole story changed.

It was through the second round of writing that I realized the book was going to be a series. As I write, the story kept saying that it would have be split into three segments. I had no idea how. As far as I knew the bad guy was going to be defeated at the end of the first book. It was only when my daughter, fifteen at the time, named the others books for me. She said since the first was Deep Connections the rest were to be Dark Connections and Deadly Connections. The titles then told me what the other books would be about.

As the Creeper character grew, so did the story. He kidnapped her. Why? I then had to rewrite every scene to put in a stalker leading up the kidnapping. I knew there had to be a wreck because Brenna wasn’t going to just be kidnapped. Then how does he survive. 

That is when that hint of paranormal exploded. It took over the story. There was more to the stalker as well as more to Slaton and his family. I was shocked at how the story began to have a life of its own.

Now the story was more than a romance. There was mystery as well as suspense. The Creeper had a past and a secret. What was it? Well, that wasn’t explored in the first book entirely. It would be the second one for all that to come out.

Watching how the story developed was so much fun. I think developing Creeper was the most fun because he was the unknown, loose-cannon. Can’t wait to see what he has for us next.

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