Saturday, 22 June 2013

NOTD: Enchanted "I'm Kind of A Big Deal"

Enchanted Polish.

Renowned to be one of the (if not THE) most hardest Indie polish to get a hold of.
Restocks at Enchanted website or at the available stores (for example Llarowe), is once every couple of months, with a rule of only one colour per customer, and at a cost of $14 per bottle, its already a tad more expensive than general Indie polishes and then postage is added onto the top.  People can tell you that these things sell out in SECONDS -literally.  If you're lucky enough to be there for a restock, make sure you're already logged in, as between you putting one bottle in and signing in to pay - it will have gone - this is from personal experience.

Then, (which is what annoys the die hard polish lovers) people will buy these purely to sell on at a profit - and they WILL make a profit on them.  They have been seen to go as much as $100 if not more on certain auctions site.  Its extremely frustrating for polish lovers and also for the maker (Chelsea) who has made her feelings about this known. This is why there's the limit on one colour per customer, but that doesn't stop the sharks from taking their piece. Chelsea doesn't like people who does this, and does all she can to help stop them, but you know what people like that are like - there's always a way.  Hopefully one day they'll stop exploiting the brand and asking outrageous prices, but i guess as long as people are paying the sky high prices, they're still gonna carry on doing it....
(rant over!!)

i was lucky to get this colour from a great polish friend who had it spare and sold it to me the price she paid for it (thank you Sue!!).  Others may not be so generous.

So, anyway, onto the polish itself!
This is the first Enchanted I've done on the blog.  This one has the cocky name of "I'm Kind Of A Big Deal" and described as a "purple holographic".

I only have 2 Enchanteds including this one and the other is more of a holo top coat.  This is a pinky-light purple holo polish.

I LOVE it. 

In every sense of the polish word. This was a perfect polish.  
Only took two coats for full coverage, didn't dry too quickly, so no snagged coats, texture was just the right consistency, it went on like a dream, and looked just beautiful. The brush held the perfect amount of polish and was a great length and width of the actual brush which made applying it even easier!

It was pretty indoors but when we had the five minutes of sunshine i managed to snap a couple of pictures outside and it came to life again -this is really a great colour.

So - the coats:

Not alot of difference between each coat, right? But the second coat just makes it that more opaque and a little more zingy! It certainly didn't need a 3rd coat, like so many other polishes.
(base coat used - OPI Nail envy,
Top Coat used - Mavala Color Fix)

Indoors the colour was really pretty:

I did try to get as close up as i could but it got too blurry so these were the best of a bad bunch I'm afraid!

And just outside in the shade:

You can see the holo just start to come through, and the pink moves aside to let the purple burst to life.

And, last, but not least - in the sunshine:

i think these show it at its best - you can see the holo clearly and the colour is gorgeous!  The sun definitely brings the purple to the top, whereas indoors its much more pinky.

What else can i say about it?
As its the only actual polish (rather than a top coat) of Enchanted I've tried i can only go off this one and say, i can understand why they sell out so quickly.
This is pretty no matter what kind of day - cloudy, sunny, rainy, dark!- it does come into its own with sun, but its so pretty even without it.

So , to the question i will always be asking myself now..
Will this one be staying?
I don't think i can stress it enough when i say HELL YES!!!! This baby is going nowhere and have a very happy seat in my permanent collection!


  1. Yay! I'm so happy you love it xx

    1. Hi Sue!!
      how could i not!!
      Girls, this is Sue who kindly sold me this polish. Her blog is here and her blog sale is always a great page to visit!! ;)

  2. This is a lovely colour xx

  3. Oh my goodness--totally in love with that color! <3


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