Tuesday, 25 June 2013

NOTD: Emily De Molly "Simplicity"

Another first on the blog!
And actually another first for me!

My very first Emily De Molly polish and in the fantastic shade of "Simplicity".
In their ETSY shop this polish is described as:

BASE - Light pastel purple jelly/creme.
GLITTER - White and small iridescent.
OPAQUE - in 2-3 coats depending on application.

It also has tiny, rare pieces of small blue glitter than glint when the light catches it, but it really is not a main component to the polish - if you get one glint on each nail, you'd be lucky!  But it is a nice little extra and adds that little tiny hint of glitter which doesn't overpower the rest of it.

So, first impressions? Swatches on Google showed a gorgeous lilac polish with different sized white hexagon pieces.  In reality, the colour is very much like the swatches i saw, but the white pieces tend to get covered with each coat, so its a layered kind of look.  As long as you have white pieces on the last coat, then yep it will look like the swatches!

I found the consistency to be quite thin.  The brush could hold alot, but as its not very thick, i used only a small amount on each brush use.  The brush itself was long and thin, which helped get the polish on nice and even without going over the edge of your nails.
I needed 3 coats to be totally opaque
(base coat -OPI Nail Envy
Top Coat - Mavala Colour Fix)

Its a really summery polish which is why i plucked it out to try. I'm a huge lover of dark polishes but thought this would be more apt - well we ARE supposed to be in Summer!!
It can take a while to be totally dry.  its touch dry in minutes, but id recommend trying not to do anything with your nails for about half an hour to be sure that the activity wont budge or move the polish!

This may be my first Emily, but it wont be my last.
Despite its quite thin coat, it doesn't make it a bad polish, just one that needs to be applied differently.
There are so many colours that Emily De Molly has and I've left links for you to have a browse for them below.  A great polish, and very pretty and dainty!

Is it staying?
oh yeah! ;)

Buy Emily De Molly polishes here:
ETSY (If you're in Australia only) - http://www.etsy.com/shop/EmilydeMolly
Llarowe - http://shop.llarowe.com/collections/emily-de-molly
Shoppe Eclecticco - http://www.shoppe-eclectic.co/collections/vendors?q=Emily+de+Molly
Norway Nails - http://www.norwaynails.com/collections/emily-de-molly
Sally Magpies - http://www.sallymagpies.co.uk/Emily_De_Molly/cat1776463_1990406.aspx


  1. Very pretty!!!!! I don't do my fingernails. I do however love to see others. Nicely done.


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