Friday, 21 June 2013

My Continual Nail Challenge!

Before i went away i set myself a small 8 week challenge HERE.

I kinda did OK - in the fact that i constantly chose polishes that i had never tried before and if they suited me they stayed and the (tiny!) few that didn't have a new home!

I also kinda failed.  I was supposed to not be BUYING any new polishes until i got back - that was the whole point of trying the ones id never tried before! Sadly i am a bonifide nail polish addict and even the lure of the holiday didn't stop me from purchasing a couple.....or more...

I know, i know!  Sad right!  But i did it!  Hey, there's worse things to be addicted to in this world, and at least if the polishes don't stay with me after one mani, the chances of it being adopted is pretty high!

A continual nail challenge.

Exactly the same way i did the 8 week challenge.  BUT no not-buying any polishes!!
You may have already guessed i have been home for just over a week and splurge is not the word...!

I do have my favourites which are pulled out when i cant chose, but the whole aim of my NOTD's, and this challenge is to make sure no polish in my collection goes untried.
I think this will be a very long (long, long, LONG!) challenge, hence the title of "Continual"!!!

Once again, ill write the polish here and when i tried it and if it stays or goes.  You may notice a pattern where it says "STAY" alot...hey, I'm just a sucker for lovely polish!!

Let the challenge (this new one!) commence!!.....

22nd June 2013 -Enchanted "Im Kind Of A Big Deal" **STAYING**!!
24th June 2013 - Emily De Molly "Simplicity" **STAYING!**
27th June 2013 - Glittering Elements "Little Pinky" **STAYING**
27th June 2013 - Glittering Elements "Blue Bellz" **STAYING**
27th June 2013 - Glittering Elements "Rainbow Fish" **STAYING**
27th June 2013 - Glittering Elements "Princess Grape" **STAYING**
27th June 2013 - Glittering Elements "Snowflake Kiss" *REHOMED**
30th June 2013 - Tara's Talons "Fairy Lipstick" **IN LIMBO**
30th June 2013 - Tara's Talons "Singing the Blues" **STAYING**
30th June 2013 - Tara's Talons "Purple Galaxy" **STAYING**
30th June 2013 - Tara's Talons "Star Gazing" **STAYING**
30th June 2013 - Tara's Talons "You're In My Heart" **STAYING**
2nd July 2013 - OPI "Ink" **STAYING**
2nd July 2013 - OPI "Yodel Me On My Cell" **On REHOMING LIST**
4th July 2013 - Different Dimensions "Right To Vote 2012" **STAYING**
4th July 2013 - RubyWhiteTips "Pink Sangria" **STAYING**
4th July 2013 - RubyWhiteTips "The Polish with No Name but a Number" (mine is number 40) **STAYING**
4th July 2013 - RubyWhiteTips "Boo2" **STAYING**
4th July 2013 - RubyWhiteTips "Capricorn" **STAYING**
6th July 2013 - RubyWhiteTips "Just a Phase" **STAYING**
4th July 2013 - Models Own "Strawberry Tart" **REHOMING**
7th July 2013 - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Virtual Violet" **STAYING
7th July 2013 - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Plum Power" **STAYING**
7th July 2013 - Enchanted Polish "Ice Castle" **STAYING**
9th July 2013 - Girly Bits "Mother May I?!" **REHOMING**
13th July 2013 - Chanel "Taboo" **STAYING**
13th July 2013 - Chanel Bel Argus **STAYING**
14th July 2013 - OPI "Absolutely Alice" **STAYING**
18th July 2013 - Enchanted "Water For Unicorns" **STAYING**
22nd July 2013 - Dollish Polish "Expecto Patronum" **STAYING**
28th July 2013 - Dollish Polish "Purple Rain" **STAYING**
30th July 2013 - Zoya "Stevie" **STAYING**
6th August 2013 - Daily Lacquer "A Study In Pink" **STAYING**
11th August 2013 - Smitten "Siren's Song" **STAYING**
17th August 2013 - OPI "TIffany Case" **STAYING**


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