Monday, 17 June 2013

Don't You Just LOVE Surprise Wins!!

Three weeks away from my house =  a mountain of post!  Some nice.....most not!

However, i got a great surprise when i found a nice big padded envelope from the USA.
Reading the customs label, it said Book, duck, teeth.

To you that probably means zilch! To me it means i won Charlaine Harris's Book Closet Monthly giveaway! Whoop! Whoop!!!
The website for author Ms Harris is HERE - you may not recognise the name, but you probably might recognise the TV series called "True Blood".  That series is loosely (VERY loosely) based on the series "Southern Vampire".
I LOVE the books -well, i did up until the TV series started, which I'm sad about as i really looked forward to it!  Up until book 9 the books were original and fun to read. After that, they tended to bend more to the TV series which i think took away some of its specialness.  I haven't read the last one in the series yet, due to being on hols, but i have read mixed reviews which saddens me more as it was a fantastic series!

anyway, i still love the book and the author so i visit the website often to read up on new books coming out and also ideas for other authors and series -i have found most of my favourite books from the site and I'm very grateful for it!  They have a worldwide competition every month, and like i say, i was super lucky to win last months!!

What did i get?
Quite a little package!!
Individually these were:

a "Dead Reckoning" signed Book mark

a majorly cute little old lady style rubber duckie...

*giggle* some glow in the dark fangs...!!

Several signed bookplates for individual books (most of my books now have these in them, and pride of place in my book shelves!!)

And finally...

A first edition of paperback of book "All Together Dead", with the American cover (the best ones in my opinion!) again, personally signed by Ms Harris.

Nice to get some nice post among the depressing ones!!!!


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