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Diving Behind the Deliciousness that is Darling Diva Nail Polish!

Darling Diva is probably one of the most well known Indie polishes.  The reason is that their polishes are unique, hard wearing, beautiful colours and a real love of polish being poured into each colour and each bottle.

The creators of the polishes, Carrie and her husband,  began making the polishes just months before the Darling Diva brand and shop opened in March 2012.  Which I find amazing! For some reason I expected Carrie to reply that she’d been experimenting for a good long while.  She must have a sharp eye and a quick thinking to realise what needed to be done to mix a great combination of colours, holos and glitters and the flair to finalise a polish.

It is just Carrie and her helpful hubby that deal with all aspects of the Darling Diva, from the names to keeping supplies up to mixing and making the polishes to getting the gorgeous polishes shipped off to happy polish lovers!

A lot of work for 2 people, but I think its nice that it still has the handmade kind of feel to it rather than a commercial factory with machines and faceless and nameless people sorting them.
The first one that was sold was called “Queen of Hearts” which was a polish containing silver holo hexes, black hexes and red hearts.

And Darling Diva has gone from strength to strength, with a continuing line of gorgeous colours and polishes.

Carrie very kindly agreed to an interview, and I'm thrilled that she did and i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed asking them and reading the answers myself!

1). Where did the name "Darling Diva" come from?
It started with my 3 year old niece Zoey.  She is the original darling diva:)

2). Can you tell us how you started to make polishes? How did you decide to do it? Did you go in blindly and feel your way or did alot of research beforehand?
I started out blindly.  In the beginning when I started there were maybe 30 people doing it and we all fuddled around together.  I made a few mistakes and learned from them.  Today I do quite a bit of research and testing before anything goes out.  That doesn't mean there wont be issues but at least the immediate ones I can head off at the pass.

3). Do you have a favourite DD colour?
lol that's like asking to pick your favourite kid!

4). Any discontinued that you've been asked for, and any that you're thinking of bringing back?
Vegas Showgirl is one that I am working on bringing back but I want it jazzed up!

5). Have you had a disaster polish, where no matter what you did , it just wouldn't work?
Mostly customs I am asked to make.  Its different when I am taking someone’s idea and trying to make it work.  Especially if they are not willing to let me tweak things for them.  I seldom take customs anymore where I am not allowed to fix issues I see.

6). What did you do before you did polishes, or is it a sideline to your everyday job?
I am a compliance analyst for an insurance company.  I would love to do polish full time but a gal has to eat:)

7). What do you do to relax? 
I play marvel heros or hours online:)

8). Tea or coffee?
BOTH!  I love coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.

9) Early bird or night owl? 
Night owl.  I am a nurse by trade and I worked evening/nights and never really got out of that habit:)

10). What subject did you love and hate in school?
Probably English.  Not my thing at all lol

11). What 3 words can describe you?
I asked my husband and he came up with some words we cant use so I will improvise lol, I guess extrovert; tease; and forgiving.

12). Which was the first polish you made to sell?
Queen of Hearts.  It was holographic silver hexes in various sizes along with black hexes in various sizes with red hearts.

13). How do you come up with the names for the polishes?
Watching TV, reading books, listening to music or when that fails I have a few friends (hey Shameena!!!) that help me out lol

14). Whats the best way to get the most out of your polishes? Base coats, top coats? any other little vital part for the best mani?
A good base coat and top coat are a must. I also try to use a little acetone right before painting just to make sure my nail surface is clean and ready for polish.

15). Is there anywhere in the world you'd love to go but haven't got there yet?

16).Whats next for Darling Diva?
I’m not sure. One day at a time.

17). Finally, any advice for any budding polish makers?
Research and have fun:) If it’s not fun it’s not worth doing:)

So, I asked what was on the cards for the next collection of Darling Diva Polishes. Without giving too much away, Carrie quietly revealed that they were currently working on a collection based loosely on Madonna's songs from the late 1980's to the early 1990's.  They have decided upon names and some colours - at the moment they are "Lucky Star", "Material Girl", "Pretender" and "True Blue" (the True Blue is a linear blue holo -which to me sounds like it will be gorgeous!).  Carrie said that she had two more to finish to make the collection complete, and I'm looking forward to seeing the first swatches!

To celebrate Carrie's Interview here at Penny For Them... she has kindly allowed you the readers to a fantastic 15% off the polishes on her Etsy shop!!  The code you will need to put in at the end is ....."PENNYDIVA15" . Be quick, the code is only valid until midnight on July 19th 2013!

Happy polishing!! And a huge thank you to Carrie for taking the time to answer my questions and put up with my emails as i forgot to keep asking something! Patience of a Saint!!

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