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BEWITCHING BOOKS **REVIEW **: "£6.19 per Witching Hour" by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

Title: £6.19 Per Witching Hour
Series:Paranormal Personnel Saga (book 1)
Author: Joanna Mazurkiewicz
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Julia Taylor works as a recruitment consultant for Paranormal Personnel in London. Her days at work seem normal, she sees clients that regularly are looking for work, she source new vacancies, updates CV and visits employers.

 Everything is pretty ordinary for her, apart from the fact that Julia is half elf and Paranormal Personnel is not an ordinary agency at all because all jobless supernatural creatures come to the agency to look for work.  Fairies, vampires, witches, hags, wizards, mermaids, elves, giants and trolls, they all need to find employment and during this economic climate this seems pretty challenging.

Julia doesn’t want her life to be complicated but when her day is interrupted by the shape shifter with the chain saw; she just has to deal with him as she always does. She is normally calm, confident and is not afraid to stand up for herself but when the meeting with Nathaniel’s Corporation goes not as well as she expected she wants to bury herself under the ground and die.

Then Mr. La Caz gets under her skin, lights up a fire inside her, she accidentally reads his thoughts and learns that he craves for her, he wants to suck her dry but she is convinced that he is not even a vampire.

The time dragged until lunchtime. This Friday was going really slowly; we didn’t even have any clients in the morning. At half past twelve, one fairy came in looking for call centre work. I took her CV and asked her to come to register on Monday. Kate went to lunch and I stayed, waiting for an email from the HR director, Lucinda, when I heard someone at the door.

‘I will be with you in a moment,’ I shouted, staring at the screen for longer than I should. Then the same intensive smell hit me out of the blue—mint leaves and lemon. My skin buzzed again. I lifted my eyes and found myself staring at Nathaniel La Caz, standing in front of my desk in broad daylight.

‘Mother of God, what the fuck are you doing out of your coffin?’ I asked and got up swiftly, dropping the pen I was chewing onto the floor. My heartbeat, as usual, gave me away.

‘Well, hello to you, too, dear Julia,’ he responded with his sexy low voice that sent a shiver down my spine. My jaw was on the floor and I was staring at him, bewildered.

‘Seriously, aren’t you a vampire?’

He laughed.

‘I am Dhampir, Julia, so I don’t really need to hide from the sunlight,’ he rejoined as he looked around the office. This gave me time to pull myself together. My heart was pounding and I didn’t know what to do or how to behave. Then I heard the door again and I saw Rufus marching towards us.

‘Oh, Mr La Caz, I can see that Julia is already keeping you company.’

I was completely speechless, glancing from Nathaniel to Rufus and not getting what was going on. La Caz looked completely relaxed in his grey suit; his hair was brushed to the side. I spotted a Rolex on his wrist.

Hello, this over pretentious bastard had a Rolex! What a show-off.

‘Rufus,’ I began clearing my throat, ‘I was trying to get hold of you all morning.’

‘Oh yes, Julia. Mr La Caz here called me out of the blue and explained everything that happened yesterday. He wanted to see Paranormal Personnel for himself, so I offered to drive him here,’ explained Rufus, smiling. As I mentioned before, Rufus was incredibly sexy but when La Caz was standing here in all his glory, I was breathless. He was just so hot. His body was toned and firm—he definitely worked out a lot. He looked amazing in that grey suit.

Joanna Mazurkiewicz was born in Poland. She moved to United Kingdom when she was only nineteen and just finished high school. She had aspired to be a writer upon completion of the Harry Potter series but also enjoyed reading books like ‘Gone with the Wind’, ’Animal Farm’ and ‘The doll’. She graduated from Swansea University with a bachelor degree in American Studies. While studying in the UK she made a decision to start writing fiction in English.

The “Whispers of the Sprite” is her first debut novel and she is currently working on the other projects. Joanna lives in Cowbridge, a small town in South Wales near Cardiff with her boyfriend Bruce. She enjoys cycling around Welsh countryside some of which has become the settings in her first series

I LOVED this book!!

Right, what to say without giving away the story!  I honestly had no idea how it was going to end, so many twists, turns, things said to lead you down one path....i haven't had a book where i didn't know how it would end for a long time!
....and then the cliffhanger!!! So still not sure! But i DO know ill be picking the next book up and reading it with complete relish!!

So - we follow Julia, a half elf working for a company called Paranormal Personnel, a recruitment agency purely for the supernatural.  She works with vamps, mermaids, witches, and its fun to see her interviewing for roles such as the tooth fairy!

Of course there's a love interest - in the form of the owner of a vamp owner who asks for the Paranormal Personnel to provide workers. Nathaniel is a player, who doesn't "do" dating and sees sex as a fun pastime but that's it.  The attraction between him and Julie is electric. Written so you sit and urge them to get together even though protocol says that Vamps should never get with elves as their blood is intoxicating....

A brilliant, fun, suspense, romance book all rolled into one!
Loved it and definitely recommend!

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