Thursday, 27 June 2013

Alphabet Bloggin!

There are always alot of posts out there to give some hints about the person behind the blog - like the "seven deadly sins" post i did a few weeks back.
When you're nominated for some of the blogger awards, alot of them ask for some facts about you.

But id never seen this until i came across it while browsing Emma's blog HERE.  Thought it looked a fun way to do it and not too taxing to write and not too heavy to read - win/win!

Alphabet Blogging!

The A- Z of me!

A: Attached or single? Single! have been for 2 years and pretty happy being single!

B: Best friend? Has to be my mum. Those who know me know our tale and the happy ending we've been lucky to get.  Shes my best friend in every way, love her with all my heart.

C: Cake or pie? Cake -unless I'm in a savoury mood then a chicken pie!

D: Day of choice? None stand out!

E: Essential item? My kindle!

F: Favourite colour? Definitely purple or blue - dark colours i love!

G: Gummy bears or worms? Probably Gummy Bears

H: Home town? Altrincham, Cheshire

I: Indulgence? Has to be nail polishes!! Total polish addict!

J: January or July? Probably July, even if the schools have broken up and its a nightmare to go shopping during the week! Its warmer and can walk the dogs without being too cold!

K: Kids? only my 2 dogs and 3 kitties (who i do treat like children!)

L: Life isn't complete without? My dogs definitely (and obviously my mum and friends!)

M: Marriage date? Hah! Not Applicable - not sure it ever will be!!

N: Number of brothers/sisters? Only Child

O: Oranges or apples? Definitely Apples - especially the sweet Pink Ladies. I love Orange Juice but oranges themselves are a bit of a pain to get into and the juice squirts you in the eye and there's that horrible white stringy stuff everywhere....!!

P: Phobias? Spiders. Definitely spiders! I have a ton of "don't likes" but a complete phobia of spiders *shudder*

Q: Quotes? "Be yourself, Those Who Mind Don't Matter, Those That Matter, Don't Mind" (Good old Dr Seuss!)

R: Reasons to smile? My dogs! Always make me laugh! 

S: Season of choice? Probably Autumn. Its not too cold yet, the leaves on the trees are turning a great colour, walks with the dogs are fun, and i can wear my jeans and boots without people thinking its too warm to be wearing them!!

T: Tag 5 people Like Emma I'm not going to tag people but if you want to do the post I'd love to read it!

U: Unknown fact about me I'm a messy pup - always have been - drives mum mad as shes a neat freak!

V: Vegetable? favourite vegetable? Hmm. Love Cauliflower with cheese, roasted parsnips are yummy

W: Worst habit? Nibbling on sweet things when bored!  I try not to keep much sweet stuff in so i cant nibble but sometimes its too overpowering and i have to go out to get some!

X: X-ray or ultrasound? Depends what for i guess! if its to see if you have broken bones, then definitely an x-ray. if its for your stomach area or your pregnant than obviously ultrasound. Had more Xrays than ultrasounds!

Y: Your favourite food? Can vary on what mood I'm in, but i have a massive soft spot for Chinese food!

Z: Zodiac sign? Taurus

Nice and easy to write and hopefully nice and easy to read!!
Would love you to link yours if you do your own A-Z after reading mine!


  1. Oh I love this post! So interesting! I may just have to do this :) I too am an only child, a nail blogger who love cakes, chicken pie, pink ladies, dogs and cats, roast snips and am messy with a neat freak mum! Who'd have known!! LOL

  2. Aw sweet about your mum x


    linked you in it too :)


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