Monday, 13 May 2013

"You're Twisting My Melon Man" -Its Indie Week!

if you thought Blue Blue Week was an extravaganza, just you wait till you see this weeks....

That's right guys and gals (guys? Not sure about that on here, but thought id include them to be Politically correct and all that ;)).....this weeks polish fest is dedicated to all the Indie Polishes - and believe me when i say there is A LOT!

If you ha vent heard of Indie Polishes, a bit of enlightenment.  Basically they started out as Polish makers making their own polishes -known as "Franken Polishes"...for obvious reasons.....
Now, there are a TON of Indie Polish makers, each with wild, wonderful and fantastic colours and combinations of glitter, shimmer, holos and bright and deep colours and names you just don't see in the mainstream polish brands collections.
I'm not saying that mainstream polishes are boring -far from it, but Indie Polishes are just....they just feel a bit more special on your finger tips.

Take a look for yourselves...... Im guessing alot of Wishlists are going to be Updated when this week is through...!
And as always, thank you kindly to all the girls who let me use their pictures, and please, if there are any you love, you should check out the links to their blogs, instagrams or pinterest for more, because there ARE more!! This is only the tip of the Indie Polish iceberg...!!!


**please respect mine and the girls work by not copying these pictures without express permission -please contact me if no details there and i will pass it on -the pictures belong to each person who offered it for use here. Please do not disrespect their rights, thank you!**


  1. What a brilliant post and I love how you have labelled them. Looking at them last night on All Things Nails page I got quite confused with all the different names and makes lol. I had never even heard of indie polishes about a week ago and all these looks have really inspired me to search some of these out. it seems you get a far more individual and unusual look and finish than with the regular polishes out there and half the fun of nail art is the experimentation! Thanks to everyone who contributed their photos! x

  2. WOW this is some post! Well done for getting it together hun :)xx

    1. Thank YOU and all the girls for allowing me to use your pics!!
      i love this post! I knew it was gonna be a biggun, and ive actually loved doing it!! ;)
      Keep em comin!!!


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