Sunday, 19 May 2013

REVIEW: Benefit's "High Flyin' Glosses"

To my friends its no secret that i love lip glosses. It was my love before i found nail polishes, so i have quite a collection.

I also love benefit, so when i saw these for sale, i had to have them.
So 6 mini tubes of Benefit's lip glosses in a pack called "High Flyin' Glosses"

I actually searched for a place online where it wasn't shown as OUT OF STOCK, but it looks like the only place to get it is on Ebay, perhaps, or if someone else is selling them.  They DO sell them individually as bigger glosses, but i love the small ones and the fact i have one of each to try!

But me, being the disorganised messy pup i am, i can only find 5 of the tubes!
I've been searching for the lost one for ages, which is why i haven't done a review sooner as i wanted to find it.

Success! I have found all 6 and I'm happy to do the post now -it was driving me loopy trying to think where the one could be..and its where any lip gloss finds the bottom of one of the handbags i hadn't used for a long time!!

So, onto the glosses themselves.

6 mini tubes of the following shades (which coincidentally, happen to be the names of their range of blushers too, so must have been born with those shades of blusher in mind....or vice versa!)

Coralista (sheer coral)
Sugarbomb (shimmering pinky nude)
Bella Bamba (sheer bright watermelon) (My favourite blusher ever!)
Dandelion (soft pearly pink)
Hoola (shimmering golden nude)
Dallas (dusty rose)

It might be here that i point out, that yes they are all described with different shades and tones, but actually they're all pretty neutral. So even the one that looks bright red on the back of my hand -it doesn't go on bright red, it goes on almost sheer with a little red tint -they are lush glosses!

The actual glosses themselves, all went on smoothly -no stickiness no chemical taste, and felt really lush!

So this was the Coralista!  You can see its a light red when on the back of my hand but how not like it when its on?  Adds a nice pink tinge and that's it! I would warn tho, if it goes around your lips onto skin -you CAN see the red then! So try and keep it on your lips!

Onto Sugarbomb. This one is much more neutral, even on the back of the hand. It blended well with my natural lip colour, so even if i was messy and it went on the skin, there was no showing of it!

Bella Bamba looks a vibrant red (which is a stark contrast to their blusher as its a much more muted pink!), and like with the Coralista, this went on like a yummy dream, but if you got it outside your lips, there was a tint of red -so use a mirror if you're out and about and put this one on -to be on the safe side!

A very light shade, which does actually make your lip colour look slightly lighter -but not in a bad way. Still very neutral and would be great if you had a tan or wanted something pale on your lips when your eye make up is the focus of your look. This was the one that matched my lip shade exactly.

 Hoola. (and before anyone says it yes i realise the squirt on the back of my hand is in a rude shape -completely accidental, i promise!!). A really nice shade, for me, just a touch lighter than my normal lip shade, which feels strange to say when you look at it on the left it looks a light tan, but on my pale pink lips it was just like a sheer gloss going on.  Another i do really like!

And, finally, Dallas.  This was like a reddy brown, as the hand shows, and added a warm touch to my lip colour, without washing any colour out or adding too much on.  A good one for everyday kind of use!

So! there you go! Six very looking different shades of glosses, yet all being amazingly adapt to your lip colour.  Even the bright red that looks like you'll have strawberry juice all over your lips, DOESN'T, and just highlights your lips with a pink edge!

Should i have doubted that Benefit would have had anything other than a great product! After finding out in my Seven Deadly Sins that this is my Gluttony item, i have a new respect for Benefit, and do try to find faults.....and i cant!!

I'm not sure if these glosses are still being sold as this little collection. Everywhere i looked it said Out Of stock -so I'm not sure.  But they DO have them as larger individual gloss tubes on their own.
This was a great way to find out which one you were happiest with and in future know which one to aim towards!
But having said that, i actually like all six -all for different, yet similar, reasons.
They all went on extremely smoothly. No chemical aftertaste, no stickiness and just felt like moist lips -which i guess is the job of glosses! So full marks there!
Each had its own individual shade, which although didn't make a massive difference, added a tint to your lips -again, they're glosses, not lipsticks so the colour shouldn't be the primary aim of these.  The colour is definitely a factor, but not the main one -which obviously to make your lips glossy!
I'm trying to think of something negative.  And i cant! The only thing i can think of is that the 6 mini tubes can be quite expensive, but they're Benefit -so you wouldn't expect them to be a fiver.  More in the region of approximately £15 for the 6.  BUT like i say, i cant find them in stock anywhere! So i hope you have better luck than i did finding some as i think they're worth it!

Would i buy the little set again -absolutely, with no hesitation!  Failing being able to find them again, i may well have to buy all six larger tubes -just so i can choose what shade that day is going to be!

**please note -i am not affiliated with benefit in anyway, this was bought by myself, no hidden agendas,just a truthful personal opinion.**


  1. They all look amazing! U know my love for lip glosses too. Great post hun. As always. Xxx

  2. I have these and like them. I find them pretty nice. I just wish they were a little bit more pigmented.

  3. I have Hoola, Dallas and Sugarbomb, I really like them and Im not usually a gloss lover. The other ones look great too:)


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