Monday, 20 May 2013

Polish Roulette -Double Trouble and All things come in threes! - its a Theme Week for Polishes again!

I cannot tell you how much i am enjoying gathering all the girls pictures of their gorgeous polishes and being able to show them to you all!!
So we've had the Blue Week, last week was Indie week (i LOVED that one!!) and this week is "manicures with more than one colour" -i am HOPELESS at this, so im hoping for lots of inspiration with these.
I hope you enjoy them again!
And as always, thank you kindly to the girls who allow me  to use their photos.  If you like what you see, go see where they are -it could be a blog address, twitter, instagram or just the FB page, , i promise you, you wont be disappointed!!
So...onto the polishes!! Feast your eyes on these!

**please respect mine and the girls work by not copying these pictures without express permission of the owner.  Please contact me if no details are on the photo you like and i will pass it on to the person in question. Please do not disrespect their rights, thank you!**


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