Thursday, 9 May 2013

NOTD: OPI DS "Temptation"

I think  i have a new favourite!!

This is a GORGEOUS polish!! I held the bottle and had it next to me for days before applying it! I was trying not to due to the fact its supposed to be Blue polish week!
But i could resist it no longer!!

This is Opi DS (Designer Series) Temptation.  It was released late in the year 2011. There was a time when OPI DS equalled holo polish, but not any more, and I'm glad for one.  This is a gorgeous glitter polish!
The brush is a perfect size, not too thick or thin so it does a great coverage and you can get to the awkward parts of your nails without worrying of too much going over onto your nails!

I only needed to use 2 coats for it to be totally opaque.  The first coat, i used quite a thick coat as if you use thin coats, it can dry quickly and catch, which you really don't want! So load the brush up on the first coat to create a firm and smooth base.
The second coat doesn't need to be as thick, but id recommend it to be a bit more than a small amount on the brush.

I'm not sure the pictures show this polish to its full potential.  You can see the glitter, but it looks textured.  It is more textured than normal smooth polish, but its not as textured as the OPI liquid Sands.
Base coat used was Nails Inc Kensington and also the top coat was the Kensington top coat.

So with the top coat on, the final result was this:

It does look really textured, it is slightly textured but like i said, nothing like the Liquid Sands or similar.
The glitter in the polish is gorgeous and catches the light every so often, its a shiny polish on its own, but with the top coat it adds that little bit more shine and i just love it!!

I'm really pleased with this one.  When i saw swatches online i thought it was really pretty, when it arrived i thought it looked so gorgeous in the bottle and i could just sit and look at it in the bottle!

Now I've actually used it, i love it more!

This one is DEFINITELY staying, and is DEFINITELY coming on my holibobs with me!!!
This is my only DS, and I'm glad i got this one.  I might get others if they pull me in to their beauty, but for now, I'm happy with this!!

Do you have any OPI DS's? Which ones would you recommend and which ones don't live up to the hype?


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