Wednesday, 8 May 2013

NOTD: Opi Blue Moon Lagoon

Opi "Blue Moon Lagoon" is an extremely hard polish to find nowadays.  Its from the 2003 collection called "Summer For Shore" limited editions.  This collection had this colour, "Coral Reef", "What's Dune", "Day At The Peach", "Sand-erella" and "Crim-Sun".  The whole collection are holo's and now very hard to come across! I would LOVE "Sund-erella" ( a gorgeous purple holo) but the chances of me stumbling across it is slim, so may be my Wish List Lemming that i never find! But this colour is a gorgeous one anyway!

Its been said that nail polishes have a lifetime of 2-3 years.  If this polish is anything to go by, that's not quite true. This is now 10 years old and is as good as an OPI that came out yesterday!

So, onto the polish itself!.  Described as a pale, shimmery powder blue holo -a linear holo polish.

As its a holo, the normal base coats like Nails Inc Kensington, cant be used, so like i did with the Nfu Oh i used a silver polish.  This time Leighton Denny's "liquid silver".  looking back, it might not have been the best colour for this light blue holo.  Next time ill try a more pale blue as i think it would show the polish on it better.

Blue Moon Lagoon needs alot of coats for it to be completely opaque. In this case five (yes FIVE) coats...and a lot of patience on my behalf!!

Its a beautiful pale blue with a hint of green, so i guess making it a turquoise colour.  Its not as strong a holo as the Nfu -Oh, but it is very pretty!

As it was one of the few days we had sun, i took my opportunity to snap it outside.  Again, apologies for the sides of the nails looking messy, i cleaned them up after i took the pics!

It does look a lot prettier when the sun hits it, and it shows its holo side alot better.
Definitely another one for when we have sunny days...which i know are few and far between, but they do happen..!

I didn't use a top coat for this, as I've been advised to not to, and i have to agree -it does look better without. A topcoat seems to mute the fab colour.

One thing that was a i always seem to find something to do after I've done my nails...i tried to leave it a long while before i did anything, but it still moved the polish on my right hand, especially.  When i got up this morning, the polish didn't look as smooth and clean as it did when i put it on, so i need to make a mental note to do this polish when i don't have to do ANYTHING for the rest of the day to keep it smooth and even!

It is staying as its a gorgeous colour...i just need to find the Sand-erella....if anyone has one to part with be sure to let me know!!! ;)

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  1. This is a really nice shade xx


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