Sunday, 5 May 2013

NOTD: Models Own "Southern Lights"

Two reasons for using this polish, actually three!
First i did its sister polish "Northern Lights" last week, and wanted to try this one to compare.
Second, I've been itching to try it, to see if its as nice and sparkly as the Northern Lights!
Lastly, its blue polish nail day on All Things Nail Facebook page, and i thought id join in.
Ill be posting other polishers polishes later on!

OK, onto the polish

Again, is part of the "Wonderland" collection (along with Northern Lights which i did as NOTD here, Jack Frost, Snowflake and Blizzard). As far as i can see, these are still available to buy direct from Models Own (link in the bottle picture above) and still from Boots, who again, at the moment are doing a great deal on Buy one Get One Half Price.

It was actually a little different than the Northern Lights.  Much more of a Jelly consistency, and a little of a fight to get it even and on all of the nail.  I found the best way was to have just enough on the brush, not too much or you'll end up with a big blob in the nail which you have then move around to spread it and its a bit awkward.

But, just like the Northern Lights, it built up brilliantly.  It could be easily used as a top coat as the first coat went on quite sparingly and, using Model's Own own words -has an almost snowflake look about it, which it did!
I did 2 coats which i found ample enough to have full coverage.  This is exactly like the Northern Lights -the glitter is plentiful and shimmers and glints in whichever kind of light you're in.  Sadly no sunshine today, so could only do an inside shot with the top coat on (Nails Inc Caviar Top coat), and its again, a really really pretty polish!

(Base Coat Nails Inc Kensington Caviar)

And the final look....

i really like it! But i do have to say, for some reason, i prefer the pink version (Northern Lights) which is strange for me as i love blues more than pinks normally! I don't know what it is, but i just preferred the pink!

Don't get me wrong, this i love, and its definitely staying with me. I love the way the glitter is always sparkling no matter how low the lighting is, it always catches several of the teeny tiny pieces of glitter!

I'm going back alot to my original nail polish collections, before i discovered Indie polishes, due to a few reasons.
i forget how beautiful some of the polishes are.  I think they're much easier to get ahold of for those who don't want to order from America, or cant access the for whatever reason, so i wanted to remind myself and anyone who reads this, that yes, i DO still love the Nails Inc, Opis, Models Owns, Zoyas and China Glazes of the world -i just got lost in the indie world for a while.   Don't worry, i will be going back, but alot of these polishes i haven't tried so are still in my personal challenge of got but untried!

So? What do you think of this one?  I know the application isn't super perfect, and i apologise for that, and for my short nails (they got knocked about a bit and had to be shortened *sob*), but i think it shows that any kind of nail can put this on and it'll look fab!


  1. I prefer the pink one too xx

  2. its nice enough, isnt it , but i did feel a bit let down that it wasnt as pretty as the pink one, as i love blues!
    Never mind, live and learn right!
    Thanks as always for stopping by hun, i love your comments :) xxx

  3. Oooh this is super pretty, I love all the sparkles! :)

    Jess xo


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